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Frequently asked questions

What is a private GP?

Private GPs are fully-trained and qualified general practitioners, delivering primary care services outside of the NHS. At Mayfield Clinic, all of our GPs are MRCGP, with at least 5 years of post-qualification general practice experience.

What can a private GP do?

Private GPs generally offer the same set of services as NHS GPs. Mayfield Clinic private GPs can assist with any healthcare concern. They can make assessments, conduct investigations including blood tests, make onward referrals, and offer second opinions.

How much does a private GP appointment cost?

Private GP appointments vary in cost, anywhere from £50 for a short-video consultation, up to £300 for a Harley Street located premium private GP. At Mayfield Clinic, our GP appointments start at £125 for 15-minute services, and our standard 30-minute GP appointments are £180 for Members and £220 for Guests.

How do I book with a private GP?

Mayfield Clinic private GPs are accessed by simple online booking. Online booking allows patients to see real-time appointment availability 24/7, and ensures that we securely collect proxy, patient and payment date. You may be asked to complete a short questionnaire to provide context on your booking.

How do I join Mayfield Clinic's membership?

Mayfield Clinic's Membership schemes are designed for patients looking to access the practice's services regularly. We offer 3 schemes, which can be viewed and purchased through our website.

What our patients think

I would like to thank you for providing such a marvellous service. We feel so fortunate to have access to such a brilliant clinic.

Patient feedback

​This is my second time here and it already feels like my home practice

Patient feedback

There is a general sense of care for the individual in this practice. It is most reassuring to know that I am being looked after professionally.

Patient feedback

The doctor was very calm and reassuring, explaining the possible diagnoses and treatments clearly.

Patient feedback

Relaxed atmosphere and time to discuss problems.

Patient feedback
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Mayfield Clinic private GP in Oxford

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How to access our services

Mayfield Clinic delivers independent primary care services to UK residents, international visitors, students and corporate clients. We operate outside of the NHS.

For individuals or families looking for private GP services we recommend Mayfield Clinic Membership, which covers all of your in hours GP consultations under a 12 month membership scheme.*

For visitors and one-off treatment, we offer Guest appointments.

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Why Mayfield Clinic?

At Mayfield Clinic, we seek to work alongside NHS providers (not replace them) when delivering your care. We believe joined up care is best for everyone and with your consent, we will keep your NHS GP updated when we see you.

Traditional NHS primary care services have never been more stretched. Few NHS practices are able to offer a true 'named doctor' service, 'total triage' is becoming common ("fill in a form to see a GP") and appointments are short and hard to access.

As an independent practice, whilst we are bound by the same clinical standards and regulator, we are able to offer more flexibility including a GP led service, extended appointments and same day access.

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Is Mayfield Clinic Membership right for you?

If you think you will be using us for most of your GP needs, Mayfield Clinic Membership may be the best option for you providing you with the reassurance that you can book an appointment when you need one for a fixed monthly cost.

The monthly subscription covers your GP appointments and provides a reduced fee on pathology and identifies you as a regular patient.

If you're simply looking to use Mayfield's services as a one off, you can still access our appointments as a Guest.

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A single subscription for primary care services


Register at the practice for your ongoing care, benefit from discounted appointments and direct-call access

20% off all consultation fees
Members' call-line
Registered patient status
Annual health & wellness consultation
/month per person, billed annually
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Core Subscription

A monthly fee to cover your annual GP appointments and discounted pathology & tests

All Membership benefits
Includes 10 GP consultations per annum at no additional charge
20% off pathology profiles
/month per person, billed monthly
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Premium Subscription

A monthly fee for all your annual GP consultations, mental health appointments and gym usage

All Core Subscription benefits, including 10 GP consultation per annum at no additional charge
A set of annual blood tests (blood sugar, lipids, biochemistry, haematology) at no additional charge
6 mental health appointments per annum at no additional charge
30 gym visits and 5 personal training sessions per annum
/month per person, billed monthly
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For one-off appointments, you can access our Guest appointments

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