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Why use Mayfield Clinic's private GP service?

Mayfield Clinic was setup to offer a differentiated primary care service. We are committed to offering a private general practice service that is personal and highly accessible.

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Our private GP philosophy

At Mayfield Clinic, we are supporters of the NHS. However, NHS primary care is stretched and unable to deliver in the way it was originally designed 75 years ago.

Our belief is that 'cradle-to-grave' private general practice has a role to play in the future of primary care provision in the UK. This is what we've set out to offer at Mayfield Clinic.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a private GP?

A private GP is a fully qualified general practitioner - the same type of professional that you would see when you go to your NHS GP. All of our GPs trained in the NHS and continue to work part-time in the NHS. The key difference between NHS GPs and Private GPs is that services delivered by private GPs are funded privately (by individuals or organisations) rather than the government.

Can I use a private GP and an NHS GP?

Yes you can. A fundamental NHS principle is that patients should be free to move their care between private providers and state-funded NHS providers.

What can a private GP do?

Private general practitioners are a good starting point for any health concern. They have a broad skillset and wide-variety of experiences. They can provide advice, reassurance, medication, investigations or onward referrals to specialists.

What to expect from a private GP?

When you see a private GP, such as a Mayfield Clinic private GP, you should expect to be able to have a more extensive consultation. Most of our GP appointments are 30 minutes, and it is possible to book longer appointments if necessary. This allows you to time to discuss multiple concerns with your clinician, and gives the clinician time to carry out investigations and write thorough notes.

Do I need to leave my NHS GP to see a private GP?

No you don't. At Mayfield Clinic, we hold an ongoing patient record for all of our Members, but we expect that they also maintain registration with their NHS GPs for services such as COVID vaccines. For non-members or guests, we will open a temporary record for your consultation at Mayfield, and with your consent, we'll share your notes back with your NHS GP to ensure continuity.

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