Annual Health Checks

Do we recommend an annual health check or medical?

Regular health check-ups can play a useful role in maintaining overall well-being and preventing potential health issues.

Our health screens or annual medicals, are a proactive step towards safeguarding one's health. The health screening provides dedicated time for patients to discuss concerns, undergo routine screenings (conducted in accordance with NICE guidelines), and receive personalized healthcare advice.

It is important not to over screen or screen unnecessarily, but with our health screening conducted in accordance with NHS screening programs and the latest NICE guidance, we feel that this can be a useful service to reassure patients.

Our annual medical service

Our annual medical service is a comprehensive evaluation designed to address the specific needs of individuals, especially those aged 40 and above.

The package includes a 45-minute consultation with a General Practitioner and a follow-up session to discuss the results of investigations or tests. This extended time ensures that patients have ample opportunity to discuss any health concerns or queries with their primary GP.

We recommend that all Members consider at least one annual touchpoint with their GP at Mayfield, whether that be an annual medical or simply a regular consultation to update their health record.

Key components of the annual medical:

Full blood screen:

  1. A thorough analysis of blood parameters helps in detecting potential issues such as anemia, diabetes, and lipid disorders, providing valuable insights into overall health.


  1. Urine analysis aids in identifying kidney function, detecting diabetes, and assessing hydration levels, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of an individual's health status.

Additional tests (as recommended by your GP):

  1. ECGs, stool samples, and smear tests are incorporated based on individual health profiles and risk factors. These additional tests add layers of preventive care, addressing cardiac health, gastrointestinal concerns, and women's health.

What are the benefits of our annual check-up

Early Detection of Health Issues:

  1. Regular screenings, conducted inline with NICE guidance and the NHS screening service, enable the early identification of potential health issues, allowing for prompt intervention and management.

Personalized Health Advice:

  1. The annual medical provides an opportunity for patients to receive personalised advice on lifestyle modifications, nutrition, and exercise, tailored to their unique health needs.

Holistic healthcare approach:

  1. By combining consultations with comprehensive screenings, the annual medical takes a holistic approach, addressing physical, mental, and preventive aspects of health.

Patient centric care:

  1. The extended consultation time ensures that patients feel heard and understood, fostering a patient-centric environment where healthcare is a collaborative effort.

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