Annual medicals

Annual medicals

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Health screening

At Mayfield Clinic, our private GPs can provide you with an annual medical. Annual medicals create time and space to fully investigate your current health. They allow our GPs to spend time with you to review how you are managing any ongoing conditions, to assess your risk of developing an illness or disease or create a tailored approach to monitor or manage your health.

The screening process provides a comprehensive and personalised health check-up. In addition to discussing your lifestyle and any existing conditions, our clinicians will run testing that allow them to predict your chances of conditions including:

The outcome of testing will inform any interventions or treatments that a GP may recommend.

What can we treat?

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Annual medical investigations

As a standard part of all of our health screening, you'll be offered a stool sample, urine sample and well-man or well-woman blood tests. In addition, in discussion with your GP, you can also add the following tests: ECGs, stress ECGs, echo, chest x-Ray, smear and mammogram, colonoscopy, lung function test or hearing test.

Stool Sample

A stool sample will be taken to check for Bowel Cancer. The stool will be sent to the lab and checked for the presence of any blood within the stool. Blood in the stool can be an indication of bowel cancer, or polyps which are growths in the bowel which aren’t currently cancerous but may turn into cancer over time.

Urine Sample

Urine samples can check for a range of infections in the body. They are also used to check for blood or proteins which can indicate problems with your kidneys or bladder. Urine samples can also screen for sugar levels in the body, which along with blood tests checking blood sugar levels, can check for diabetes.

Well Man

A Well Man profile is our most comprehensive test for men to measure a range of markers in your blood to assess your overall wellness. In this test, one simple blood sample can measure kidney function, liver function, iron levels, cholesterol, bone health, heart health and glucose levels. This will give an overall picture of health and identify areas which may require further attention.

Well Woman

A Well Woman profile is our most comprehensive test for women to measure a range of markers in your blood to assess your overall wellness. In this test, one simple blood sample can measure kidney function, liver function, iron levels, cholesterol, bone health, heart health and glucose levels. This will give an overall picture of health and identify areas which may require further attention.

Frequently asked questions

What is included in an annual checkup?

The annual check up allows 45 minutes with one of our experienced GPs during which you will be asked for information about your medical history. The GP will complete a physical examination during this time and take blood to send to the laboratory. Laboratory blood testing for the annual medical is for: HAEMATOLOGY, Full Blood Count (FBC), ESR, BIOCHEMISTRY, Urea and Electrolytes Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Bicarbonate, Urea, Creatinine, eGFR Liver Function Tests Bilirubin, Alkaline Phosphatase, AST, ALT, Gamma GT, Protein Total, Albumin, Globulin Cardiac/Muscle Enzymes LDH, CK Bone Markers Calcium, Phosphate, Uric Acid (Serum), Glucose, Triglycerides, Iron (TIBC included), Free T4 / TSH, Ferritin Prostate Profile, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Non-HDL Cholesterol, Haemoglobin HbA1c, Prostate profile (men), Vitamin D (women), Urine analysis, Bowel cancer screening self test. The doctor may recommend additional tests which will be charged separately (ecg, exercise ecg, chest imaging, mammography, lung function and hearing tests.) You will also have a 30 minute lifestyle consultation with our exercise consultant and a 15 minute follow up consultation with the doctor who you saw initially to go through the results and any recommendations.

Will I need more tests as I age?

Yes, the number of tests you may need to do yearly increases with age due to the prevalence of health conditions the older we get. Consult with one of our GPs about what kinds of tests you should be doing regularly to monitor your health.

Will I have to visit a clinic for an annual check up?

Due to the nature of the tests required, our annual health check ups are held in our Oxford clinic or our London clinic.

Do you recommend having a health check up every year?

The outcomes of many health conditions can be improved or delayed if identified early which is why we recommend having a health check every year. Your results can be monitored over time and any changes or concerns quickly identified and acted upon.

Does using Mayfield Clinic affect my NHS GP?

You can use Mayfield Clinic alongside your existing NHS GP practice. We believe in joined-up care; we don’t believe that it is in your best interests to have different doctors independently trying to treat you. For this reason, once you’ve seen a Mayfield Clinic GP we aim (with your permission) to share your consultation notes back with your current NHS GP. For example, if you can’t get an appointment at your local GP practice this week, you can book in with Mayfield Clinic’s GPs. With your consent, we’ll share the Mayfield Clinic consultation notes back with you and your NHS GP, so that when you next see your NHS GP they will have a full picture of your care history.

How can Mayfield Clinic help?

Here at Mayfield Clinic, we understand that waiting for your NHS GP can be time-consuming and frustrating and when you have a medical concern you want to get seen quickly to alleviate the symptoms. That's why we offer same-day appointments with our expertly trained doctors, both in-person and online, through video consultations. Our GPs can provide first-class private healthcare. We work with leading practitioners, trained and worked for the NHS, registered with the General Medical Council, and work under Mayfield Clinic's CQC registration.

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Why Mayfield Clinic for your annual medical?

Are you looking for an annual medical or a private health screen? At Mayfield Clinic you can see an expert private general practitioner for your health check.

A health check is an MOT for your body and mind. Our clinicians will spend 45 minutes with you reviewing your current lifestyle, risk factors and health conditions. We perform a variety of tests and investigations to screen you for common issues and illnesses.

We are able to offer:

Our Oxford GP practice is based in Summertown, around 1.5 miles north of Oxford town centre and just off the A34. Our London clinic is based on Lower Sloane Street in Chelsea.

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The doctor was very calm and reassuring, explaining the possible diagnoses and treatments clearly.

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