Tests and investigations

Our policy on  tests and investigations

At Mayfield Clinic, we are committed to delivery of the highest quality evidence based private healthcare services that prioritise patient well-being.

We practice a shared decision making process in our consultations and uur approach to assessment and management of medical problems is generally in alignment with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance.

Key principles on blood tests and investigations

Shared Decision making processes adopted in the ordering of tests and investigations

NICE Guidelines:

  1. Blood tests and investigations will generally be conducted in line with NICE guidelines.
  2. The practice circulates NICE updates to their practitioners.

Informed consent:

  1. Prior to conducting any blood test or investigation, patients will be fully informed about the purpose, potential outcomes, and any associated risks.
  2. Informed consent will be obtained from the patient before proceeding with any tests, ensuring they are aware of the necessity and implications of the procedure.

Alternative options:

  1. Where applicable, alternative non-invasive diagnostic methods or monitoring approaches will be considered before resorting to blood tests or invasive investigations.
  2. The medical practitioner will discuss available options with the patient, allowing them to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Continual evaluation:

  1. The necessity of ongoing investigations will be regularly reassessed based on the patient's clinical progress and any changes in symptoms or health status.
  2. Unnecessary tests will be avoided, and the focus will be on providing personalised, patient-centred care.

Blood test and investigation follow-up

Following a blood test or investigation, your results will be shared with you by the Duty Doctor covering the practice on the day your results are reported - this may or may not be the GP who you consulted with and who conducted the test.

Follow-up queries regarding your blood test should be handled within a GP consultation. If you have questions related to your results, please book either a face to face or telephone consultation.

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