Frequently asked questions

How experienced are private GPs?

All of the GPs at Mayfield Clinic have an extensive clinical experience post qualification. They have worked in a number of clinical contexts, including both privately and within the NHS. They can advise on any health concern, and they retain a list of expert private consultants for onward referral.

What can I speak to a private GP about?

You can speak to your private GP about any healthcare concern you have. Mayfield Clinic's private GPs are able to discuss physical and mental health concerns, carry out investigations, write onward referrals or issue medication.

What can private GPs help with?

Your private GP should be your first point of contact for any health concern. If they are unable to deal with the matter directly themselves, they can provide advice and onward referral to a specialist.

Will I get a named private GP at Mayfield Clinic?

At Mayfield Clinic, our team are well established and you can choose to see the same clinician regularly. Our GPs work as a team, meaning that if your regular GP is away, our other GPs will be able to see you and provide relevant advice given your medical history.

Can I book with a specific GP?

Yes, when booking - either over the phone as a Member or online as a non-member - you can specify if you want to see a specific Mayfield Clinic GP.

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