Out of hours care

Are Mayfield Clinic GPs available 7-days a week?

Out-of-hours GP for Members

For Members, we provide an out-of-hours telephone GP service.

Through this service, you can speak with a Doctor and if necessary obtain a prescription. The service is available 24/7.

Please note, the out-of-hours service does not have access to your Mayfield Clinic or NHS patient record.

Contact the practice on the Members' call line to access the service.

Out-of-hours GP for Guests

We do not provide out-of-hours GP services for Guest of the practice.

A single subscription for primary care services


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Out-of-hours GP service
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Core Subscription

A monthly fee to cover your annual GP appointments and discounted pathology & tests

All Membership benefits
12 GP consultations
20% off all pathology & tests
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Premium Subscription

A monthly fee for all your annual GP consultations, mental health appointments and gym usage

All Subscription benefits
6 mental health appointments
30 gym visits
5 personal training sessions
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