Is a Mayfield Clinic Membership right for you?

Who we designed our subscriptions for

A Mayfield Clinic subscription is designed for an individual or family looking for direct access to experienced and named GPs.

By becoming a subscriber, we'll register you at the clinic and retain an ongoing record for you.

The Standard subscription is designed for individuals looking to use Mayfield Clinic services on an adhoc basis alongside other care provision. Core & Premium subscribers are generally looking to move their day-to-day GP or Doctor care to Mayfield Clinic.  

When you first join, we'd ask that you come in for an initial consultation to meet your named GP and to give us your medical history. We'd then welcome you to use the clinic for any health concern - whether that be a referral, medication review, a blood test, a new health issue, a flu-jab, an annual medical or something else.

Should you retain your NHS GP registration?

We expect that all patients still retain their NHS GP registration, and with your permission, we'll continue to keep your NHS GP updated (ensuring that if you need to visit an NHS service, your full record is available). On occasion, we might advise that you NHS services (e.g., for COVID vaccines, which were not made available to the private sector), but otherwise our team of GPs can be a 'first port of call' for almost any matter.

What do you get as a subscriber?

Standard Members benefit from discounted rates on our services, direct access to our front-desk for booking, and an annual Health & Excercise consultant assessment.

In addition to the benefits of Standard Membership, Core & Premium subscribers get up to 12 GP consultations per year included in their Membership. These can be utilised for any health concern - be it a new issue, an existing issue or routine screening.

We ask all Core & Premium subscribers to visit the clinic at least once a year to keep your record updated. We'll retain your record at the practice, and you're welcome to direct any healthcare related communication to us for us to keep your record updated. You'll also benefit from 20% off pathology & tests, direct access to our front-desk and out-of-hours GP access by telephone.

In addition, Premium subscribers receive use of our Mental Health services (up to 5 sessions per annum) and UK wide gym access through our Hussle partnership.

A single subscription for primary care services


Register at the practice for your ongoing care, benefit from discounted appointments and direct-call access

20% off all consultation fees
Members' call-line
Out-of-hours GP service
Annual health & wellness consultation
/month, billed annually
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Core Subscription

A monthly fee to cover your annual GP appointments and discounted pathology & tests

All Membership benefits
12 GP consultations
20% off all pathology & tests
/month, billed monthly
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Premium Subscription

A monthly fee for all your annual GP consultations, mental health appointments and gym usage

All Subscription benefits
6 mental health appointments
30 gym visits
5 personal training sessions
/month, billed monthly
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