Accessing your NHS record

Can we access your NHS record?

As primary care evolves, and patients start to supplement their NHS provision with private GPs, collaboration between private and NHS primary care providers is becoming increasingly important.

In order to deliver joined up care, it is vital that the consulting GP (be that the NHS GP or a private GP), has access to the patient's latest healthcare information. This facilitates seamless care and enhances the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Historically, the lack of collaboration between NHS and private sector GPs has been typified by the failure to share records in either direction.

At Mayfield, we don't believe that this is a viable way to deliver a high standard of primary care services, and so we've worked closely with NHS providers and system developers to reach a point where, with the appropriate permissions, we can:

  • Access your NHS record when you are consulting with a Mayfield GP
  • Share back information with your NHS GP
  • Share your information with other private GPs involved in your care

Why is NHS record access important for private GPs?

1. Comprehensive Patient History:

  • Access to NHS records provides private GPs with a comprehensive overview of a patient's medical history. This includes previous diagnoses, treatments, medications, and any relevant test results. This information allows your private GP to make more informed decisions about your health, enabling a more accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.

2. Continuity of Care:

  • For patients receiving care from both private and NHS providers, having a seamless flow of information ensures continuity of care. Private GPs can review the ongoing treatment plans, medications, and specialist referrals that may have been initiated within the NHS system. This continuity is particularly beneficial for patients managing chronic conditions or undergoing long-term treatments, as it reduces the need to repeat information to different providers.

3. Avoiding Redundant Testing:

  • Access to NHS records helps private GPs avoid unnecessary duplication of tests or investigations. By being aware of recent tests conducted within the NHS, private GPs can make more efficient decisions about additional screenings or diagnostics. This not only saves time and resources but also minimises the inconvenience for the patient.

4. Timely and Informed Decision-Making:

  • In urgent or emergency situations, having immediate access to a patient's NHS records can be crucial. It enables private GPs to make timely and well-informed decisions, especially when time is of the essence. This access to critical information can contribute to more effective emergency responses and better patient outcomes.

**5. Enhanced Patient Engagement:**

When private GPs are well-informed about a patient's NHS history, it fosters a sense of trust and engagement. Patients appreciate healthcare providers who are aware of their complete medical journey. This understanding contributes to a more collaborative patient-doctor relationship, encouraging open communication and shared decision-making.

**6. Upholding Privacy and Security:**

It's important to note that access to NHS records by private GPs is conducted with strict adherence to privacy and security protocols. Patient confidentiality remains a top priority, and access is typically granted only with the explicit consent of the patient.

In conclusion, the benefits of private GPs having access to NHS records are numerous and impactful. From providing a more comprehensive understanding of a patient's health history to ensuring continuity of care, this collaborative approach is a testament to the integrated and patient-centric future of healthcare. By leveraging the insights gleaned from both private and NHS records, private GPs can deliver a higher standard of personalized care that truly meets the individual needs of their patients.

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