Accessing Mayfield Clinic's services

How to use Mayfield Clinic as a Member or Guest

Our fees

Mayfield Clinic operates outside of the NHS, meaning that our service is funded by fees paid by our patients.

Fees are payable for consultation time (typically offered in blocks of 15, 20 or 30 minutes), as well as for investigations such as blood tests, sexual health tests, or tests such as ECGs.

Services such as referrals or private prescriptions that are completed within consultation time are not chargeable; if you require these to be completed outside of a consultation or if you have a need that requires the appointment to overrun, you will be charged additional fees in increments of 15 minutes.

Understanding our services

Our website is the primary resource for understanding the services that we offer at the clinic.

Our administrative team can be contacted via email or by submitting a question through the website. We monitor our email response times, and aspire to a 2 hour response time during working hours.

The administrative team are not clinically trained and are not to provide any clinical advice. For any questions of a clinical nature, they will advise you to book an appointment with a GP.

Our clinicians will not provide advice outside of a consultation.

Your medical record

For Members, we will create and hold a patient record for at the practice. Any communication we receive related to your care will be added to your maintained record. Legally, your NHS GP remains the gatekeeper of your NHS record, so we would recommend (at least time to time), that we share your notes back with your NHS GP. The ensures that if you need to visit an NHS service (for example A&E), they can access an up to date record for you.

For Guests, at the conclusion of your appointment our clinicians can provide you with a summary of your consultation - either printed, or sent to you as a PDF. With your consent, we will also return your consultation notes to your registered NHS GP. The record that we hold for you is a temporary record, and any future communication (for example from consultants), will be forwarded to your NHS GP.

How to book as a Member

Mayfield Clinic Members are able to book either online, via our dedicated Members' call line or via our Members' WhatsApp.

You'll be provided with the call line and WhatsApp numbers upon becoming a Member. These lines are available during office opening hours.

How to book as a Guest

For Guests, appointments should be booked online via our website.

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A monthly fee for all your annual GP consultations, mental health appointments and gym usage

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