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Book a same day appointment at our private practice in Summertown. Once booked online, you can quickly be seen by one of our NHS-trained general practitioners at our walk-in clinic in Oxford.

Private GP Appointments

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Our private GPs are available to provide medical advice, physical assessments, answer your questions, refer to our extensive network of specialists, prepare sick notes and issue prescriptions. They provide lifestyle advice based on the most recent research and guidelines. Our private GPs are available for both face-to-face and video consultations.

  • Members GP Consultation (30 minutes) - £165
  • Non-members GP Consultation (30 minutes) - £195

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Members' GP Appointments

From £165

A 30 minute consultation during which our doctors can provide you with general medical advice

  • GMC-registered doctors
  • For registered patients, appointments in-clinic or via video
  • Referrals, medical advice and prescriptions

Non-Members' GP Consultations

From £195

A 30 minute consultation during which our doctors can provide you with general medical advice

  • GMC-registered doctors
  • For visiting patients, appointments in-clinic or via video
  • Referrals, medical advice and prescriptions

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Plan your recovery

Where appropriate, you can access referrals or prescriptions

Frequently asked questions

Our clinicians can treat everything that your regular NHS professionals can treat. You can be seen at our private practice locations in Oxford or London or at one of our other national locations, or by video.

Once you've booked online, you can see our clinicians in clinic or via video.


3rd Floor Mayfield House

256 Banbury Road




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What we treat

Our GPs can assist in diagnosing and treating ear nose and throat ailments, including common colds, coughs, nasal congestion, sinusitis and other viral infections.

Our GPs should be the first point of contact for you in managing mental health. You can speak to them about any mental health issues including anxiety, stress or low mood. They can arrange for referrals to Mayfield Clinic's in-house mental health team, or to external experts.

Speak to your Mayfield GP about skin conditions including acne, cold sores, eczema or fungal skin infection. We can arrange for referral to specialist dermatologists for minor surgery or additional assessment.

Our GPs maintain a network of specialist consultants in Oxford, London and across the UK. Mayfield Doctors can find a private specialist to help you diagnose and treat your condition.

Speak to our GPs about pains including migraines, back pain, gout and sports injuries.

Speak to one of our GPs about how you can improve your lifestyle, including moderating alcohol consumption, improving your overall health, sleep advice or changing smoking or drug intake.

Mayfield's GPs are available to assist in caring for your sexual health. This can include testing and managing STIs (e.g., HIV, Gonorrhoea, Syphillis) or contraception and family planning.

Our GPs are available to test for specific allergies and advise on appropriate treatment. Allergies our GPs can treat include Asthma and Hay Fever.

Speak to one of our expert GPs about your stomach and digestive issues including Gastroenteritis, Indigestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

How to find us

Book same day private GP appointments at Mayfield Clinic Oxford. We provide a walk in centre GP service in Oxford city centre or a 'walk in clinic near me', our walk in centre in Oxford is easily accessed in the centre of Summertown on the Banbury Road, 1 mile north of Oxford city centre. Appointments should be booked online and then you can walk in to see a clinician. Mayfield Clinic's private GPs can be used instead of or alongside your NHS GP in Oxford. Our private GP service is perfect for individuals who need a same day GP appointment or do not want to wait for an appointment with their regular NHS GP. Mayfield Clinic's Physio service can be accessed in Mayfield House. Our private physio service is located in central Summertown, and can be accessed at short notice to treat muscle or join pain. Mayfield Clinic's mental health service provides fast access to expert therapists and consultant psychiatrists.

What we offer

Do you need to see a private GP or private physio in Oxford? Our clinicians can provide you with expert advice, assess your ailment, provide a diagnosis, deliver immunisations, provide medications, offer blood tests or work with you to plan a recovery. From our GPs you can access prescriptions, sick notes, second opinions and referral letters. Our physios provide hands on massage and recovery plans to get you back to fitness after you've suffered a muscle or join injury. Do you need a fast turnaround COVID-19 test? For those searching for a 'COVID-19 test near me', Mayfield Clinic provides rapid turnaround same day PCR tests and rapid antigen tests.

Why Mayfield Clinic

Waiting for appointments with your NHS GP, Physio or Mental health expert can be time consuming and frustrating. Mayfield Clinic's walk in centre in Oxford is a private GP, private physio and private mental health service where you can quickly speak to one of our NHS trained doctors, physios and mental health experts. Our Oxford city centre clinic offers private GP appointments on a walk-in basis. You should book online to see a private GP or private physio in Oxford. Same day appointments can be booked and there's no need to be registered with a GP.

Top private doctors

Looking for the best private doctors in Oxford? At Mayfield Clinic, we work with leading general practitioners all of whom are trained and work for the NHS in Oxford. Our team are registered with the General Medical Council and work under Mayfield Clinic's CQC registration

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