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Why should you consider a private GP?


Having access to a private GP service like Mayfield Clinic in Oxford can be incredibly helpful for patients who want fast and personalized medical care. Unlike the NHS, private GP services offer shorter wait times for appointments, faster turnaround times for blood tests and other investigations, and extended appointment times, allowing for more thorough consultations and treatments.

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Access to Appointments

One of the most significant benefits of a private GP service like Mayfield Clinic is fast access to appointments. Private GPs typically offer same-day or next-day appointments, which is a significant improvement over the long wait times experienced in the NHS. This fast access to appointments can be critical for patients who need to see a GP urgently or who have busy schedules and cannot wait weeks for an appointment.

Fast Turnaround of Blood Tests and Other Investigations

At Mayfield Clinic, we understand the importance of quick results when it comes to blood tests and other investigations. With our in-house laboratory, we can provide fast turnaround times for a wide range of tests, including blood tests, urinalysis, and stool tests. This means that patients can receive a diagnosis and start treatment quickly, without having to wait for weeks for results.

Fast and Considered Onward Referrals to Specialists

If your GP determines that you need to see a specialist for further investigation or treatment, they can make a fast and considered onward referral. Our GPs have access to a network of trusted specialists, and we work hard to ensure that patients receive the care they need as quickly as possible. We can also provide patients with private referrals for diagnostic tests and treatments if necessary.

Extended Appointment Times and Nice Settings

One of the unique benefits of a private GP service like Mayfield Clinic is extended appointment times and nice settings. Our appointments typically last 30 minutes, which is longer than the average NHS GP appointment. This extended time allows for more in-depth consultations and can lead to more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatments. Additionally, our clinic is located in a peaceful and pleasant setting, providing a relaxed and comfortable environment for our patients.

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In conclusion, a private GP service like Mayfield Clinic can be incredibly helpful for patients based in and around Oxford. With fast access to appointments, fast turnaround times for blood tests and other investigations, fast and considered onward referrals to specialists, extended appointment times, and nice settings, we are dedicated to providing personalized care that meets the individual needs of each patient. If you are looking for a private GP service that can offer fast and personalized medical care, look no further than Mayfield Clinic.

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