Mental health

Ten Times Calmer

Dr Kirren Schnack

Exciting news! Our resident clinical psychologist, Dr. Kirren Schnack, is now a published author with Pan Macmillan. Her book, Ten Times Calmer is your complete guide to conquering anxiety problems.

At Mayfield Clinic, we take pride in our holistic approach to care, understanding that well-being encompasses both physical and mental health. Ten Times Calmer perfectly complements our holistic approach.

Ten Times Calmer is an excellent resource for those facing health anxiety, social anxiety, general anxiety, or panic. It goes beyond quick fixes, addressing the root causes of anxiety. By gaining a deeper understanding, adopting new strategies, managing triggers differently, and more, you can achieve lasting relief. The book also offers techniques for calming a traumatized nervous system, providing a comprehensive and detailed approach to anxiety management.

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