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Mayfield Clinic’s Home Blood Test Guide


At Mayfield Clinic, nothing is more important to us than your health and we understand the worry that can come with health concerns or uncertainties. With Mayfield Clinic's home test kits, you'll be able to take control of your health from the comfort and privacy of your own home and get quick, reliable results to put your mind at rest or seek medical advice.

Why is blood testing so important?

Blood tests are a great way to gain insight into what is going on inside the body and are often used to diagnose an illness, rule out a health condition or understand lifestyle changes which should be made to benefit your health.

How does a home blood test work?

Blood tests can be carried out from the comfort of your own home using a home test kit. Simply buy the test kit you need from the Mayfield Clinic website and it will be sent to you quickly in the post. Follow the instructions provided in the kit to collect your sample and put it in the post on the same day using the pre-paid returns envelope. You will receive your results via test message within five working days.  

If you are worried about your results or would like to discuss them in more detail, our GPs offer in person or online consultations. They can view your results, explain what they mean for you, and if required, outline next steps or treatment options.

How to collect your own blood sample

1. Open your home test kit, read the instructions provided and fill out the required information to correctly label your sample.  

2. Begin by washing your hands with warm water for a couple of minutes. The warmth of the water will help improve your blood circulation and by ensuring your hands are clean you reduce the risk of any contamination in your sample.

3. Open your test kit and remove the small blood tube.

4. Clean the tip of your fingers with the alcohol wipe provided and wait until it has dried. The easiest finger to draw blood from is usually the index finger or middle finger.

5. Twist and pull the lid off the lancet.

6. Place the tip of the lancet firmly against the tip or side of your finger and push the button on the top until you hear a click and feel a small scratch. This will prick your finger.

7. Place the lancet down and place your finger above the small blood tube, massage down your arm and finger to help stimulate the flow of blood.

8. Allow the blood to collect into the tube until it is filled to the desired line. The amount you need to collect will be specified in the instructions that come with the kit.

9. If the blood has dried up and no more is coming out but you haven’t filled up to the line yet, repeat the process using another lancet on a different finger.

10. Once you have filled the blood sample pot, put a plaster on your finger to stop the bleeding and put the lid on the pot.

11. Follow the rest of the instructions on how to correctly label and return your sample.

Our Top Tips for Home Blood Testing

Keep hydrated

Drinking plenty of water prior to taking a blood test means your blood will be easier to draw as there will be more fluid in your veins.  

Have someone with you  

Seeing your own blood can make some people feel faint or dizzy. If you think you may feel faint following your test or haven’t had a blood test before, it is a good idea to have someone with you. This person can also help to hold the blood sample pot in place or massage your finger to stimulate the blood flow.  

Take a hot shower or bath  

By taking a hot shower or bath before taking a blood test, your blood circulation will be improved, making the blood sample easier and quicker. It is also recommended to run your hand under warm water for a couple of minutes just before taking your sample.

Take the sample in the morning

The best time to take your blood test is in the morning, before eating breakfast. Taking the test later in the day or after eating a meal can affect some of your readings. This also gives you time to send your sample to the lab the same day, which is recommended.  

Let gravity help

The best way to collect your blood sample is by standing upright with the sample collection pot directly underneath you. If your collection pot is higher than waist height, it will be much harder to collect your blood.  

Move your body

To help stimulate blood flow, moving your hands and arms before taking the test can help. Exercises such as swinging your arms in circles or moving them up and down can make your blood test easier.  

Massage your finger

To help stimulate blood flow, massaging the length of your finger can help. Apply pressure around the base of the finger and push down towards the nail. Keep doing this until blood is produced. If you are really struggling to get blood out, try a different finger.  

Need help taking your blood sample?

If you have a health concern you would like to investigate or are interested in knowing more about your body but aren’t sure a home blood test is right for you, Mayfield Clinic offers GP consultations where you can discuss your health concerns and if required, have your bloods taken by a GP.

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