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Everything you need to know about annual health checks


MOTs aren't just for cars

When you talk about an MOT, most people immediately think of their car. Well, just like an MOT checks your car so it doesn't break down, an MOT for the body does the same thing. In this article you'll find everything you need to know about Annual Health Check-ups and how the appointment will work at Mayfield Clinic Oxford.

What is an annual health check?

An annual health check assesses an individual's overall health. It is a series of tests that assesses the risk of developing illness or disease, such as:

An annual health check allows for early intervention to reduce the risk of these developing.

How do annual health checks at Mayfield Clinic work?

Health Checks at Mayfield Clinic Oxford are a personalised experience. Our GPs will ensure that your preventative health screening is personalised and appropriate for you by taking the time to fully understand your medical history and have you undertake a comprehensive lifestyle review with our Fitness & Lifestyle consultant. Our GPs seek to avoid any unnecessary tests or investigations.

The time you have during your health screen will give you an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your general health and wellbeing.

During the appointment, the following tests will be carried out as standard:

At Mayfield Clinic, we see annual health checks as a continuing process, not just a one-time intervention. We will work with you to undertake important preventative activities to ensure that you have the opportunity to minimise the risk of disease developing and to create a strategy to reduce any risk factors.

What if I need further tests?

In your discussion with the GP you can also discuss further tests you may need to further identify any issues that might arise. These further tests will either be done in the clinic or you will be referred if needed. Additional services include:

Do health checks work?

The conditions picked up by these tests are the biggest causes of preventable deaths in the UK, with around 7 million people affected by them. Checks identify factors that can indicate increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and dementia.

Can you improve your test results?

Once the tests have been analysed you'll either be invited for a 30 minute follow-up consultation or receive a written report with your results and what your next steps should be. Whether that's lifestyle changes, further tests or specialist referrals, our GPs will work to make sure you're able to take control of your health.

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