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Speak to your Mayfield GP about any skin conditions that may be affecting you.

Skin Condition Consultation

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Our Private GPs are available to support you through any skin-related problem you may be facing. From initial diagnosis to creating a treatment plan, our GPs will always use the most recent research and guidelines. They will also be able to refer you to specialists if necessary.

Book an in-person appointment with one of our GPs in Oxford and London, or an online consultation available nationwide.

What we treat

Develop a personalised treatment for your Eczema by working with our GPs to understand symptoms.

Discuss your Psoriasis symptoms and develop a personalised treatment plan.

Have your acne symptoms assessed and receive an in-house treatment plan, or referral to a specialist.

Receive the best care for your fungal infections by one of our expert GPs.

Receive advise on the causes and treatments for your cold sores.

How it works

Find a slot

Choose the service you need at a convenient time and location

Pay online

Confirm your booking with card, apple pay or direct debit

See your specialist

Consult with your clinician face to face or via video

Plan your recovery

Where appropriate, you can access referrals or prescriptions

Any Questions?

While GPs can prescribe some medication relating to skin conditions, others can only be prescribed by a specialist.

While we don't have an available dermatologist on-site, we can refer you to a specialist from our approved network.

Appointments available with

Skin Conditions

Dr Amanda Northridge


Skin Conditions

Dr Marcus Gleave


Skin Conditions

Dr John Cahill


Skin Conditions

Dr Tony Malloy


Skin Conditions

Dr Carolyn Barshall


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Why Mayfield Clinic?

Here at Mayfield Clinic, we understand that waiting for your NHS GP can be time-consuming and frustrating. That's why we offer same-day appointments with our expertly trained doctors, both in-person and online, through video consultations.

Our GPs can provide first-class private healthcare. We work with leading practitioners, trained and worked for the NHS, registered with the General Medical Council, and work under Mayfield Clinic's CQC registration.

What we offer

Do you need an in-person appointment or video consultation with a private GP in Oxford or London? At Mayfield Clinic, we are dedicated to providing same-day GP appointments everywhere in the UK. Our expertly-trained private doctors can provide you with a range of services. These include same-day consultations, blood tests, referral letters, and travel services.

How to find us

Oxford's Mayfield Clinic is conveniently located on Banbury Road in the Summertown neighbourhood of North Oxford. The Oxford Parkway Park and Ride station, located on the Banbury Road about a mile north of Summertown, provides frequent bus service into the city. Alternatively, parking is available for £2 per hour in the Summertown Car Park, only a 2-minute walk from Mayfield Clinic.

Mayfield Clinic is not an emergency service. For urgent and emergency care services, please follow the the NHS' urgent and emergency services guidance

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