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Nationwide Courier PCR Testing Service

Fast and convenient onsite testing

Mayfield Clinic's nationwide door-to-door courier testing service has been used by a number of individuals and corporates looking for convenient and fast PCR results.

This is suitable for individuals who need to be tested onsite, be that in their home or workplace, and have their sample returned to the lab immediately. We work with individuals and companies (e.g., production companies) to deliver this service, often co-ordinating testing a whole team or office, all situated in their own homes.

How does it work? We will arrange a courier service to visit each address and provide a test to the patient for self-swabbing. The patient collects the sample and returns to the waiting courier. Results are returned same day or next day depending on the selected service.

How much does it cost?

  • Courier fees + £25 per location visited
  • £149 per test (Next Day Result) or £250 per test (Same Day Result)

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