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In need of a effortless PCR? Visit our clinic in Surrey.

In need of an expedited turn around for COVID-19 PCR testing? Our clinic based 30 miles south-west of Central London in the village of Bagshot can turn around your test results the Same Day, Next Day, or in 48 hours time with it's quick and efficient in-clinic testing administered by leading healthcare professionals.

Surrey (Bagshot) COVID Testing

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Looking for a COVID-19 test in Bagshot? We offer same-day private PCR tests from our Bagshot clinic, where you can also purchase COVID tests for Day 5 test to release or fit to fly Travel PCRs.

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Self-test kit returns are not accepted at this location. To see where Please see these pages for same day PCR test kit returns and next day PCR test kit returns.

Collection methods

Healthcare Professional Appointment

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Self-test kits

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Test at home or abroad at a time that suits you

  • UKAS accredited
  • Includes certification
  • For Travel, Day 2&8 or Test To Release

In-clinic test (Surrey, Bagshot)

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Be tested by one of our healthcare professionals

  • UKAS accredited
  • GMC registered doctors
  • For Travel, Day 2&8., or Test To Release

How it works: In-clinic test

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Frequently asked questions

When you visit one of our clinics for a clinician-led test, a trained healthcare professional will collect the required sample from you. Having a trained professional take the sample reduces the risk of invalid results. Additionally, our clinicians can provide signed certification confirming your identity and that they collected the sample.

Yes, the scheme rules state that you can attend the clinic to collect a test or have a sample collected. You are also allowed to exit your isolation address to post a sample.

There are 3 outcomes of your test:

  • Positive - You are infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Please immediately follow PHE England guidance to isolate along with your household
  • Negative - You are not infected with the virus. Please continue to take sensible precautions, if you were self-isolating as an international arrival you may stop self-isolating.
  • Invalid - Occurs in 1-3% of samples. Typically (but not exclusively) this arises when insufficient human material is present on the swab sample, and is more frequent with home test kit samples. It can be mitigated by using our practitioner-led testing service. You must continue to isolate as an international arrival

Once you've collected your sample (self-test) or seen a practitioner for a sample collection, you will need to register your kit barcode according to the provided instructions. Results will be sent through to the registered email. Please check your junk mail if no results have been received at the expected time, and then contact if still not resolved.

Although we seek to use the most accurate tests available, no test is 100% accurate and we are not able to guarantee a specific outcome from your COVID-19 test.

Results timelines should be treated as a guideline; they are not guaranteed and you should make plans accordingly. Please read our COVID-19 Testing Terms and Conditions and our Terms and Conditions.

Yes, once you've registered your barcode, results are sent 24/7


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What we treat

End your travel isolation by taking a PCR test on Day 5 (where Day 0 is the day of arrival back into the UK). Upon receipt of a negative result, you can end your quarantine.

All of our PCR tests include a test result that can be used for travel. This result acts as a 'Fit To Fly' certificate. By confirming your result, your identity (including a passport number), your personal details, and the time and date of the swab sample and laboratory report, we can create this official certification suitable for travel.

Confirm if you are currently carrying SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection by taking a PCR test. A PCR test is appropriate for identifying current infection from between day 0 (the day of first exposure) up to day 14. After day 14, an antibody test may be more suitable

Travellers entering the UK are required to submit samples for PCR testing, as part of the government's COVID-19 screening program. Tests have to be taken on Day 2 and Day 8 (for travellers from Amber countries). Positive results from Day 2 are sent for genomic sequencing / strain analysis.

Where to find us

Located near Woking, Aldershot or Bracknell and looking for private PCR testing? Mayfield Clinic's Bagshot COVID testing centre is a private provider of Fit To Fly PCR tests and Test To Release PCR tests. We know that quick turnaround PCR test results are essential; if you are looking for an ultrafast and reliable COVID PCR testing service near you, we can help. Located 5 minutes of the M3, our COVID-19 testing facility is simple and easy to reach.

What we offer

Clinician-led PCR testing from a healthcare professional and home self swabbing test kits which can conveniently be posted directly to you. These enable travel to and from international countries due to our rapid turnaround times (Same Day, Next Day, and 48 hour results). This means that we can easily and efficiently conform to the entry requirements of international destinations with no concern for our customers. We expect our customers to consult the necessary websites to check if the correct travel test is being booked, but with our wide variety of test types and certifications we are always able to help.

PCR tests are the most commonly accepted form of COVID-19 testing whether that is for flying abroad or any other reason. However, many countries are now accepting rapid antigen testing which has been reviewed and approved by a doctor or alternatively proof of recovery from coronavirus. We provide a national video call service for both of these or if you prefer you can come in to one of our selected clinics.

Why Mayfield Clinic

If you need a COVID test for travel, or a Day 2 or Day 8 arrivals test, or a Test To Release test, we have the experienced expert clinicians and laboratory relationships to help you through the testing process. We have supported international travellers with COVID testing since early in the crisis, and maintain a number of relationships with UKAS registered laboratories to ensure we always have testing capacity. UKAS is the regulating body for COVID-19 testing, and their accreditation process ensures we are using accurate and reliable labs. The PCR test is the gold-standard of COVID testing. Our private COVID testing service is perfect for individuals who need a same day test or do not want to rely on a postal or courier service for their COVID PCR result.

Reliable and trustworthy private PCR testing

You can access Mayfield Clinic's COVID testing services at over 40 sites across the UK. We offer next-day testing at all sites, and in certain locations can also provide a same day PCR test result. We are an experienced provider of private COVID testing working with leading healthcare practitioners.

Why use Mayfield Clinic's testing services?

In a crowded market for COVID testing services, three reasons why you should use Mayfield Clinic

Whilst no COVID-19 PCR testing is infallible, throughout the crisis, we've strived to ensure that we consistently deliver PCR coronavirus testing to meet the expectations of our customers. This has included using 7 different laboratories, shifting capacity as required to deliver the fasted and most reliable testing possible.

For our PCR Fit To Fly travel testing, we run daily point-to-point couriers from all of our testing sites directly to the laboratories. This differs from other services that might rely on postal services for Fit To Fly testing.

All of our COVID testing services are overseen by our advisory board of GMC registered general practitioners. Onsite testing services are delivered by General Practitioners or trained Healthcare Professionals. Testing is conducted under our UKAS ISO17025 accreditation and our CQC registration (applicable to our Oxford head office).

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