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Looking for a private PCR test in Oxford? We offer PCR, Antibody and Rapid Antigen tests

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Any Questions?

When you visit one of our clinics for a clinician-led test, a trained healthcare professional will collect the required sample from you. Having a trained professional take the sample reduces the risk of invalid results. Additionally, our clinicians can provide signed certification confirming your identity and that they collected the sample.

There are 3 outcomes of your test:

  • Positive - You are infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Please immediately follow PHE England guidance to isolate along with your household
  • Negative - You are not infected with the virus. Please continue to take sensible precautions, if you were self-isolating as an international arrival you may stop self-isolating.
  • Invalid - Occurs in 1-3% of samples. Typically (but not exclusively) this arises when insufficient human material is present on the swab sample, and is more frequent with home test kit samples. It can be mitigated by using our practitioner-led testing service.

Although we seek to use the most accurate tests available, no test is 100% accurate and we are not able to guarantee a specific outcome from your COVID-19 test.

Results timelines should be treated as a guideline; they are not guaranteed and you should make plans accordingly. Please read our COVID-19 Testing Terms and Conditions and our Terms and Conditions.

Yes, once you've registered your barcode, results are sent 24/7

Please bring photo ID. If you want your passport number added to any documentation, please also bring your passport.

Yes this is a RT-PCR test

All of our PCR tests come with a certificate suitable for travel. This includes date and time of sample, date and time of result, lab credentials and the patient's personal details including passport number. In-clinic in Oxford, we can provide a signed healthcare professional's certificate. The rapid antigen certificate is also suitable for travel to destinations that accept the rapid antigen test.

Appointments can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance via your online account (Please log in here). Within 24 hours, appointments cannot be rescheduled.

Appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund (Please log in to your account here). Within 24 hours appointments are non-refundable.

Tests can be collected from Mayfield Clinic Oxford Monday-Friday 09.30-16.30, or we can dispatch by post.

We use a number of labs, all of whom are UKAS registered or UKAS accredited to ISO 17025. If you require a UKAS accredited lab, you will need to book an appointment with one of our healthcare professionals and request this at the time of the appointment. Mayfield Clinic is accredited to ISO17025 for the provision of private COVID testing services. Some international countries require an ISO15189 accreditation. We can provide this service in Oxford; please book an ISO15189 appointment via our COVID testing page.


3rd Floor Mayfield House

256 Banbury Road





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Why use Mayfield Clinic's testing services?

In a crowded market for COVID testing services, three reasons why you should use Mayfield Clinic

For our same-day PCR testing we run daily point-to-point couriers from all of our testing sites directly to the laboratories. This differs from other services that might rely on postal services for testing.

All of our COVID testing services are overseen by our advisory board of GMC registered general practitioners. Onsite testing services are delivered by General Practitioners or trained Healthcare Professionals. Testing is conducted under our UKAS ISO17025 accreditation and our CQC registration (applicable to our Oxford head office).

Why Mayfield Clinic?

If you need a COVID test for travel, we have the experienced expert clinicians and laboratory relationships to help you through the testing process. We have supported international travellers with COVID testing since early in the crisis, and maintain a number of relationships with UKAS registered laboratories to ensure we always have testing capacity. UKAS is the regulating body for COVID-19 testing, and their accreditation process ensures we are using accurate and reliable labs. The PCR test is the is the gold-standard of COVID testing. Our private COVID testing service is perfect for individuals who need a Same Day test or do not want to rely on a postal or courier service for their COVID PCR result.

Mayfield Clinic is an Oxford-based provider of private Fit To Fly PCR tests. Our fully-trained GPs and healthcare professionals can deliver Rapid Antigen tests, or Same Day PCR tests analysed by our UKAS registered laboratories. If you need a rapid PCR test for travel, we can offer either Same Day PCRs or Next Day PCRs, collected in our Summertown clinic, north of Oxford centre, and not far from the market towns of Woodstock, Bicester and Chipping Norton.

Reliable and trustworthy private PCR testing

Looking for reliable private COVID testing for travel? At Mayfield Clinic, we work with leading general practitioners all of whom are trained and work for the NHS in Oxford. Our team are registered with the General Medical Council and work under Mayfield Clinic's CQC registration. We have passed UKAS Stage 3 for the provision of COVID testing.

How to find us

Book Same Day COVID PCR tests or Next Day COVID PCR tests at Mayfield Clinic, Oxford. We provide a walk in service in Oxford city centre or a 'COVID walk in clinic near me' to ensure that we can help you at any point. Our centre in Oxford is conveniently located in the centre of Summertown on the Banbury Road, 1 mile north of Oxford City Centre. Appointments should be booked online where you will find our live availability. Your sample will be collected by our private GPs or a private healthcare professional, from inside our Summertown offices. Mayfield Clinic's PCR testing service can be accessed in Mayfield House.

What we offer

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many international countries now require visitors to take a COVID-19 test prior to departure to demonstrate that they are not carrying coronavirus (COVID-19). Travel regulations vary from country to country, and you should check with your destination before booking - whatever test you need, we can help, including ultrafast PCR tests with Same Day results, standard PCR tests with Next Day results or Rapid Antigen tests with results in 1 hour. We can also provide antibody tests to check for past infection or post vaccination immunity. You can book your PCR test in Oxford via the book now button. Our clinician-led COVID-19 appointment service allows for our expert doctors and healthcare clinicians to collect your sample, and if necessary they can provide a signed certificate. We offer in-clinic testing with our expert clinicians. Alternatively, you can order PCR home test kits, Rapid Antigen certified by video or home antibody test kits.

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