Health plans for summer schools

A simple and low-cost monthly subscription to give the employees and students of your summer school direct access to our highly experienced clinicians

What you can include in your plan

A simple and low-cost monthly subscription to give each of your summer school students and staff direct access to our highly experienced clinicians. Same day appointments and easy online booking to give your students access to world-class care whenever and wherever

We know how important it is for summer school students to make the most of their time at summer school, so it's vital that they can have immediate access to quality healthcare when they need it. Mayfield Clinic Health Plans include GP appointments that offer the following benefits to summer school students:

  • 6 x 15-minute online GP appointments annually - Students (and their parents) will have peace of mind knowing that they have 6 allocated GP appointments each year
  • Book an appointment online - Students can see the clinic's live availability so they can book an appointment a time and date that fits their summer school schedule and activities
  • Same day appointments - If students need urgent care, they can see a GP the same day they book an appointment - sometimes even within the same hour!
  • Online appointments - No need to travel or take days off school. Online appointments mean students can see a GP from their accommodation or even at school
  • Direct access to a GP - No phone queues, no need to fill out an e-Consult and no need to go through a triage. Students will have direct access to our highly experienced team of GPs
  • Choose a doctor you're comfortable with - To have an even more personalised care, students would have the power choose to see the same GP in every appointment

From sitting down long hours in lectures to doing sports and activities, summer school students can suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. It's important that they have quick access to Physiotherapy to reduce further risks or injuries. You can choose to include Physiotherapy in your health plan so summer school students can benefit from the following:

  • 3 x 30-minute online Physiotherapy appointments annually - Students will have 1 initial physiotherapy consultation and 2 follow-up consultations each year
  • Online appointments - Students no longer need to travel to a clinic especially when they're suffering from body pain. They can easily access Physiotherapy wherever they are, whenever they need support
  • Book an appointment online - Students can book a physio appointment at a time and date that works around their schedule
  • Direct access to a physiotherapist - No need for a GP referral. Students can book an appointment directly with our expert Physiotherapist

We know how important it is for summer school students to have access to mental health support when they're feeling down. When living away from home and their parents, they may suffer from depression and anxiety. That's why our Health Plans include mental health appointments with the following benefits for summer school students:

  • 3 online mental health consultations annually - Students can rest assured knowing that they can get the mental health support they need whenever they need it, as they will benefit from 1 x 45-minute initial consultation and 2 x 30-minute follow-up consultations with our mental health experts each year
  • Online appointments - Students can book a discrete appointment and see our mental health expert from their accommodation or anywhere they feel safe and comfortable
  • Book an appointment online - Students will be able to book an appointment at a time and date that works for them
  • Direct access to a psychologist - No need for a GP referral. Students can book an appointment directly with our expert Psychologist whenever they need support

“Our American students have always been quite pleased and pleasantly surprised with the level of care they’ve gotten from their very first visit at Mayfield Clinic.”

-James E McClung, PhD | University of Georgia

Why Mayfield Clinic's health plans for summer schools?

A simple and low cost monthly subscription to give your employees fast and direct access to our clinicians.


Same day appointments available to book and attend easily online with no e-consults or lengthy claims


Choose a plan to suit your business and book with the same clinicians across appointments

High Quality

Give your employees access to a top Oxford-based private health clinic from anywhere in the country

Summer schools alternative to private medical insurance

We provide students with high quality and personalised care so they can stay healthy even when away from home.

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Connecting students to trusted clinicians

We understand how important it is for parents to know that their children are in good hands.

That's why students will have access to our experienced and friendly team of healthcare professionals, available for same-day appointments from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

Our primary care doctors work alongside a team of mental health professionals and physiotherapists, who are all here to put their health and wellbeing first.

Giving peace of mind

Studying away from home can be an exciting, but also an overwhelming time for students. That's why our health plans are designed with summer school students' needs in mind.

We want to make sure that while away from home, students (and parents) don't have to worry about anything relating to their physical or mental health.

Our health plans give students quick and convenient access to a GP, physio or mental health support so they can get better fast and enjoy their time at summer school.

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Providing accessible healthcare

During their time at summer school, students would want to make the most of their time immersing themselves in the programme and spending time with their peers.

It's important for summer school students to have fast and convenient access to healthcare so they don't miss out on any exciting activities.

With same-day online appointments, students can choose to see a doctor at their convenience, allowing them to work around their summer school schedule.

When they're away from home, summer school students (and their parents) need the reassurance that they can have quick access to quality healthcare whenever they need it. Mayfield Clinic Health Plans cover GP, physiotherapy and mental health appointments so students can get the medical support they need to stay physically and mentally to enjoy their time at summer school.

Mayfield Clinic Health Plans allow you to offer summer school students at a low cost. Signing up to a health plan is quick and easy. It can all be done online, and you will have a dedicated account manager at Mayfield Clinic should you need to speak to us. Summer school students will then have access to appointments which they can book and attend easily online. They will not need to pay for the appointment themselves and then claim the money back, their appointment will simply be deducted from their annual allowance.

Access to GPs – if students are sick or need to speak to GP about any worrying symptoms, they should be able to do quickly. Mayfield Clinic Health Plans offer immediate access to expert Oxford based GPs from their accommodation

Access to physiotherapists – there are a range of body pains and aches which can arise for students at summer school, from sitting in lectures to doing sports and activities. Mayfield Clinic physiotherapists are here to help.

Access to mental health support – summer school students may suffer from mental health issues whilst away from family. Giving students access to mental health support when they need it is one of the best health benefits they can get whilst at summer school

The average price of private health insurance per person in the UK is £1,500. Mayfield Clinic Health Plans give summer students quick, direct access to expert Oxford based GPs for as little as £120 per year.

We understand that some summer school students coming from abroad may not qualify to register with the NHS. That's why we've made it easier for them to access healthcare. With our Health Plans, summer school students do not need to be registered with the NHS to access our services.

On the other hand, if they're already based in the UK and are already registered with an NHS GP, they can still use Mayfield Clinic’s Health Plans alongside existing NHS GP practices. We believe in joined up care, so with the students' and their parents' permission, we can share consultations notes back with their NHS GP so they will have a full picture of their care history.

Mayfield Clinic Health Plans are an alternative to private medical insurance. They are cheaper, easier for summer school students to access a health professional when they need to and don’t involve a lengthy claims process.

Designed to complement the NHS

Alleviate pressure on the NHS by offering staff access to private GPs, physios and mental health experts when they have a health concern.

No waiting to see a doctor

Book same day video appointments with our expert GPs

Easy online booking

View the clinic's live availability and choose a time that suits you

Direct doctor interaction

No e-consults or triage; book appointments directly with our doctors

How do our health plans differ from private health insurance?

Mayfield Health Plans cover 95% of the healthcare needs that arise in the working population, whereas private health insurance tends to only cover around 5%.

Health plans starting from £10 per month per student

Students can book appointments easily via our website

Appointments do not need to be paid by the students first

Our available health plans for summer schools

Get the best value for money without compromising healthcare standards, quality and accessibility.




Access to expert GPs




Access to expert GPs and Physios




Access to expert GPs, Physios and Psychologists

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