Health plans for small businesses

A simple and low-cost monthly subscription to give the employees of your small business direct access to our highly experienced clinicians

What you can include in your plan

A simple and low-cost monthly subscription to give each of your employees direct access to our highly experienced clinicians. Same day appointments and easy online booking to give your team access to world-class care whenever and wherever.

In the UK, most workplace absences are due to sickness-related reasons. For small businesses, this is the most damaging problem of all, as small companies may not have the resources to cope with the losses caused by employee absence. To reduce workplace absence, give your employees our simple and low-cost monthly subscription, which gives each of your employees direct and immediate access to highly experienced clinicians so they can get seen for health issues quickly, reducing the chances of short-term and long-term absences. Our health plans include same-day GP appointments with the following benefits to help your small business stay healthy and thrive:

  • 6 x 15-minute online GP appointments annually - Your employees will have peace of mind knowing that they have 6 allocated GP appointments each year with our highly experienced clinicians.

  • Book an appointment online - Your employees can see the clinic's live availability so they can book an appointment a time and date that suits them.

  • Same day appointments - If your employees need urgent care, they can see a GP the same day they book an appointment - sometimes even within the same hour!

  • Online appointments - No need to travel or take extra days off work. Online appointments mean your employees can see a GP from the comfort of their home or even at work

  • Direct access to an experienced GP - No phone queues, no need to fill out an e-Consult and no need to go through triage. Your employees will have direct access to our highly experienced team of GPs

  • Choose a doctor you're comfortable with - To have an even more personalised care, your employees have the power choose to see the same GP in every appointment

From sitting long hours to working physically strenuous jobs, many employees in small businesses suffer from a range of strains and pains. Small businesses with few employees typically don't have the capacity to deal with absences caused by these MSK injuries. This can seriously affect the company's productivity, especially when no other employees are able to cover the work of their ill colleagues. Our health plans include physiotherapy appointments to help small businesses address any aches and pains amongst their staff, so they can stay physically fit and happy at work. Our Physiotherapy appointments include the following benefits:

  • 3 x 30-minute online Physiotherapy appointments annually - Your employees will have 1 initial physiotherapy consultation and 2 follow-up consultations each year with our highly experienced physio.

  • Online appointments - Your employees no longer need to travel especially when they're suffering from body pain. They can easily access Physiotherapy whenever they need support

  • Book an appointment online - Your employees can book a physio appointment at a time and date that works around their schedule

  • Direct access to a physiotherapist - No need for a GP referral. Your staff can book an appointment directly with our expert Physiotherapist

We know how important it is for small business employees to have access to mental health support. With an 'all hands on deck' approach, sometimes employees can find themselves feeling burnt out easily and in need of someone to talk to and some tools to deal with their stress that allows them to remain productive while taking care of themselves. That's why our Health Plans include mental health appointments with the following benefits for small business employees:

  • 3 online mental health consultations annually - Employees can rest assured knowing that they can get the mental health support they need whenever they need it, as they will benefit from 1 x 45-minute initial consultation and 2 x 30-minute follow-up consultations with our mental health experts each year

  • Online appointments - Employees can book a discrete appointment and see our mental health expert from their accommodation or anywhere they feel safe and comfortable

  • Book an appointment online - Employees will be able to book an appointment at a time and date that works for them

  • Direct access to a psychologist - No need for a GP referral. Employees can book an appointment directly with our expert Psychologist whenever they need support

"I’ve used their services over the years and found them to be efficient, organised and very responsive so that made me feel very comfortable about moving forward with the corporate membership scheme."

Why Mayfield Clinic's health plans for small businesses?

A simple and low cost monthly subscription to give your employees fast and direct access to our clinicians.


Same day appointments available to book and attend easily online with no e-consults or lengthy claims


Choose a plan to suit your business and book with the same clinicians across appointments

High Quality

Give your employees access to a top Oxford-based private health clinic from anywhere in the country

Small business alternative to private health insurance

Being able to offer your staff access private health appointments quickly and easily shows a clear commitment to the health and wellbeing of employees and maintains a healthy and happy workforce. 

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Make recruitment easier

Effective recruitment is one of the biggest challenges of small businesses. It takes time to hire the right candidates and it's costly to hire the wrong ones.

To attract top talent, you need to offer competitive benefits within your sector.

By offering private health cover with access to GP, physio and mental health support, you can attract great candidates.

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Improve retention rates

Staff turnover can have a serious impact on small businesses due to significant costs incurred. The estimated cost to replace a staff earning average UK salary is £12,000.

It's crucial for employees in small businesses to feel valued and appreciated. When they do, they give back their loyalty in return.

Make your company an ideal place to work by offering premium healthcare benefits. Having quick access to trusted health professionals can make your staff feel taken care of.

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Enhance workplace attendance

Employees in small businesses tend to experience burnout and fatigue as they tend to juggle multiple roles in the company. When stressed out, they take longer time off work to recharge.

Employers need to support their staff and provide them with tools needed to deal with work pressures.

Mental health support from an expert psychologist means staff have the tools to cope with stress and stay mentally healthy at work.

By offering employees of a small business access to GP, physiotherapy and mental health appointments you can show a clear commitment to the health and wellbeing of employees and maintain a happy and healthy workforce. Attracting top talent to your business, improving retention rates of your star employees and enhancing workplace attendance can all be achieved with Mayfield Clinic Health Plans.

Mayfield Clinic Health Plans allow you to offer the employees of your small business private healthcare at a low cost. Signing up to a health plan is quick and easy. It can all be done online, and you will have a dedicated account manager at Mayfield Clinic should you need to speak to us. Your employees will then have access to appointments which they can book and attend easily online. They will not need to pay for the appointment themselves and then claim the money back, their appointment will simply be deducted from their annual allowance.

Access to GPs – if your employees are sick or need to speak to GP about any worrying symptoms, they should be able to do quickly. Mayfield Clinic Health Plans offer immediate access to expert Oxford based GPs from the comfort of their own homes.

Access to physiotherapists – there are a range of body pains and aches which can arise for your employees during work. From sitting at a desk looking at a screen or having an active, laborious job, when in pain, Mayfield Clinic physiotherapists are here to help.

Access to mental health support – workplace stress is one of the leading causes for staff illness from work. Giving your employees access to mental health support when they need it is one of the best health benefits for employees of small businesses.

The average price of private health insurance for employees in the UK ranges from £250 to £1000 per employee per year. Mayfield Clinic Health Plans give employees quick, direct access to expert Oxford based GPs for as little as £120 per year.

No. You and your employees can use Mayfield Clinic’s Health Plans alongside existing NHS GP practices. We believe in joined up care, so with your permission, we can share your consultations notes back with your NHS GP so they will have a full picture of your care history.

Mayfield Clinic Health Plans are an alternative to private medical insurance. They are cheaper, easier for your employees to access a health professional when they need to and don’t involve a lengthy claims process.

Designed to complement the NHS

Alleviate pressure on the NHS by offering staff access to private GPs, physios and mental health experts when they have a health concern.

No waiting to see a doctor

Book same day video appointments with our expert GPs

Easy online booking

View the clinic's live availability and choose a time that suits you

Direct doctor interaction

No e-consults or triage; book appointments directly with our doctors

How do our health plans differ from private health insurance?

Mayfield Health Plans cover 95% of the healthcare needs that arise in the working population, whereas private health insurance tends to only cover around 5%.

As a simple and low-cost monthly subscription, our Health Plans start from only £10 per month per employee

Same day appointments and easy online booking give your team access to world-class care whenever and wherever they are

Your employees get access to our world-class care without having to pay for appointments first, it's already covered in the subscription cost.

Our available health plans for small businesses

Give your team the health and wellbeing support they need at a price that suits you, without having to compromise healthcare standards, quality or accessibility.




Access to expert GPs




Access to expert GPs and Physios




Access to expert GPs, Physios and Psychologists

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