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Private Flu Vaccination Service

As winter approaches, it is important to consider obtaining a flu vaccine to protect you and your family from seasonal flu. Seasonal influenza can cause serious health complications, and the risk from the virus is heavily reduced by obtaining the season flu vaccine. Our GMC-registered doctors can administer flu vaccines to individuals of all ages; we offer the standard intramuscular (needle) vaccine. The nasal vaccine is not currently available to us.

Flu vaccine

From £25

Flu vaccinations are available at Mayfield Clinic from 27th September. Priority access and discounted prices are given to Members of the Mayfield Clinic membership scheme, but we are typically able to offer jabs to our wider patient base from October onwards.

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Members' Flu Vaccine Oxford

From £25

Obtain your winter flu vaccine to boost your defence against seasonal influenza

  • Delivered by a GP
  • Available from September 2023
  • Fluad tetra available for those aged 65+

Non-members' Flu Vaccine Oxford

From £49

Obtain your winter flu vaccine to boost your defence against seasonal influenza

  • Delivered by a GP
  • Available from September 2023
  • Fluad tetra available for those aged 65+

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Appointment slots are 5 minutes in length

Receive your flu vaccination

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Maximise your protection against the 2023/24 flu strains

Commonly asked questions

We do not currently stock nasal flu vaccine

Please see this link for the egg content of this year’s flu vaccines https://www.gov.uk/government/...

The JCVI have advised that there is no reason that these two vaccines cannot be administered at the same time or within a short time from of each other

Which flu vaccines are we using?

We are using the Quadrivalent influenza cell-culture vaccine (QIVc) This vaccine is egg-free and suitable for people with egg allergy.

For adults aged over 65 we are using the Adjuvanted quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccine (aQIV)

We are not offering flu vaccines to babies under the age of two

We do not currently stock nasal flu vaccine

Where can I get vaccinated?

How to find us

Book private flu jabs at Mayfield Clinic Oxford. We provide a same day flu jab service at our clinic just north of the Oxford town centre. You can easily access the clinic, which is located in the centre of Summertown, near Summerfields School and adjacent to the Banbury Road, 1 mile north of Oxford city centre. Appointments can be booked online via the website, and you can walk in to see a clinician for your seasonal flu vaccine. The clinic can be accessed by bus from the town centre, or by rail to Oxford Parkway station, and then a short bus journey to Summertown centre.

What we offer

Do you need or want a private flu vaccine to protect you or your family? Our expert GPs deliver influenza vaccines each morning during flu jab season, and these can be accessed at short notice by booking online. We offer a discounted rate for Members of the clinic, or Non-members can book a flu jab appointment. We offer intramuscular flu vaccinations, and where possible nasal vaccinations. We provide the Fluarix tetra for those aged 65 or above.

Why Mayfield Clinic

Waiting for appointments with your NHS GP can be time consuming and frustrating, or perhaps you are not immediately eligible for an NHS flu jab. Mayfield Clinic's walk in centre in Oxford is a private GP service where you can directly access healthcare services including vaccinations. Our Oxford city centre clinic offers private GP appointments on a walk-in basis. Same day appointments can be booked and there's no need to be registered with a GP.

Top private doctors and fast access to flu jabs

Looking for the best private doctors in Oxford? At Mayfield Clinic, we work with leading general practitioners all of whom are trained and work for the NHS in Oxford. Our team are registered with the General Medical Council and work under Mayfield Clinic's CQC registration

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Our seasonal flu vaccinations are available whilst stock lasts Sept-Dec each year

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