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Certified PCR & rapid testing tor travel

Meet travel requirements with our Fit To Fly medical service.

Certified GP-Led Testing (PCR)

  • Price: £285 for Non-members, £245 for Members
  • Test: RT-PCR (or for certain countries (e.g. Norway) we can use the Rapid Antigen)
  • Sample: Throat/Nasal swab, overseen by a GP
  • Certificates: (1) A GP-letter confirming: Your identity including passport number if required, Time and date of sample and Certification of correct collection of the sample and (2) a laboratory certificate confirming: Date of sample (self-certified), Date of lab results, Test type, Laboratory accreditation and Passport number (unless using ISO15189 lab)
  • Results timeline: Samples leave us at 4PM daily, and typically take 36-48 hours from this point. If you require a faster result our £75 expedited service is available and returns results in under 24 hours (often same day for AM appointments).
  • Requirements: Please bring photo ID (passport) to your appointment. We cannot accept copies.
  • How to access: Please book an appointment here for a specific time

Please note, you cannot attend the clinic if you currently have symptoms of COVID-19 or are legally required to be self-isolating. All patients will be triaged before arrival

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Home Test Kit (PCR)

We provide you with a PCR test self-test kit.

  • Price: £175
  • Test: RT-PCR
  • Sample: Throat/Nasal swab, self-test

  • Certificate: Date of sample (self-certified), Date of lab results, Test type, Laboratory accreditation, Passport number (unless using ISO15189 lab)
  • Results: Typically by email, 12-24 hours after the lab receives your sample. Please factor in courier timelines or post timelines. You can pay a £75 expedited fee for home test kits if returning them to the clinic for couriering - typically this returns results in 24 hours.
  • Kit collection: Collected from Summertown (10AM-5PM daily) or posted directly to you
  • Sample return: (A) 'Return to lab directly' via Royal Mail Tracked 24 bought online (B) Return to Mayfield Clinic and we will courier to lab - we courier daily at midday and 4PM Mon-Fri
  • How to order: Please order here

If you require a test for Hong Kong, please write "ISO15189" in the comments box when ordering your sample. The ISO15189 test result does not include passport number.

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How much will this cost?

Duration Non-member Fee Member Fee
PCR Home Test Kit - £175 -
Certified GP-Led Testing 15 £285 £245
Expedited Testing (AM appts) - £75 extra £75 extra
Rapid Antigen Testing 15 £240 £205
China Medical 15 £450 £390

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