Obtain a doctor's certificate via video confirming your recovery from COVID-19 infection

Certify your recovery from COVID-19

Obtain a doctor's certificate via video confirming your recovery from COVID-19 infection

Certify your recovery from COVID-19

Selected international destinations are now requiring certificates confirming recovery from recent COVID-19 infection (typically during the last 6 months). If you are looking for a COVID-19 certificate of infection or a doctor's certificate confirming COVID-19 infection, we can assist you. Our Oxford based clinic's can review your positive test results, your photo ID and assess your health, to provide you with a signed doctor's certificate certifying you for travel.

The appointment will last 15 minutes, and can be booked online via the button below. This can be accessed as a video appointment or in-person in Oxford. You will need to attend with your recent COVID-19 positive PCR result, and your photo ID. If you're wondering "how to get a covid recovery certificate", we can assist you; book an appointment now.

Please note that this appointment should be booked for after your 10 day isolation period has ended, following a positive COVID-19 test.

Certificate of Recovery from COVID-19

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Looking for a COVID-19 Certificate Of Recovery? Some countries will now accept a COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery, confirming recent infection with SARS-CoV-2 via PCR, and your subsequent recovery. We provide this service nationally, delivered by video by one of our GPs. You should attend your appointment with your positive test results, and photo ID.

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Yes. Please book an in-person or video appointment with a GP online, as this will provide scope for lip-reading. In-person GP appointments also enable you to communicate in writing with the GP.

Yes. Please contact the practice on 01865423425, press option 9 and identify yourself as visually impaired. We will assist you in booking an a telephone appointment with one of our GPs, who you can see in person, or who can then call you at the time of the appointment.

Appointments can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance via your online account (Please log in here). Within 24 hours, appointments cannot be rescheduled.

Appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund (Please log in to your account here). Within 24 hours appointments are non-refundable.

Our clinicians can treat everything that your regular NHS professionals can treat. You can be seen at our private practice locations in Oxford or London or at one of our other national locations, or by video.

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Do you need to quickly obtain a certificate to confirm your recovery from recent COVID-19 infection? If you have had coronavirus recently, our Doctors can assess you via video, reviewing your recent test results and your current health, before issuing you with a COVID-19 recovery certificate. This service can be booked same day via video, or you can visit our Oxford clinic. Our centre in Oxford is easily accessed in the centre of Summertown on the Banbury Road, 1 mile north of Oxford city centre. We can also deliver this in London, from our Sloane Square offices, just near the King's Road. Appointments should be booked online where you will find our live availability. Your certificate will be provided and signed by our our private GPs.

What we offer

In order to access our private COVID-19 certificate of recovery, you must have had a recent infection with COVID-19. You will need to provide us with your recent PCR result confirming your positive test and your photo ID. If you also have a vaccination status or a positive antibody test, we can also add these to your recovery certificate, which can then be used to travel or enter countries.

Why Mayfield Clinic

Mayfield Clinic has delivered private COVID testing services since the start of the pandemic. Our highly trained private doctors are able to provide you with a robust signed certificate of recovery from COVID-19, should you meet the requirements. The certificate will be stamped at the clinic, and will confirm that you have had a recent infection with COVID-19, and will certify that you have recovered sufficiently to travel.

Reliable and trustworthy private PCR testing

Looking for reliable private COVID testing for travel? At Mayfield Clinic, we work with leading general practitioners all of whom are trained and work for the NHS in Oxford. Our team are registered with the General Medical Council and work under Mayfield Clinic's CQC registration. We have passed UKAS Stage 3 for the provision of COVID testing.

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