Day 2 & Day 8 Testing

Mandatory international arrivals testing

Day 2 & Day 8 Testing

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Mandatory testing for travellers returning from abroad.

Accessed either as a self-test kit returned via Royal Mail, or in-clinic where one of our trained healthcare professionals will collect your sample.

Self-tests kits can either be ordered via post, or collected from Mayfield Clinic Oxford.

Collection methods

Self-test Healthcare Professional Appointment GP Appointment

Day 2 & Day 8 Testing - Home Test

Mandatory PCR testing for travellers arriving back into the UK

Day 2&8 package - Amber arrivals (not fully vaccinated)

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Day 2&8 + Test To Release - Amber arrivals (not fully vaccinated)

Order for £449

Day 2 only - Green arrivals and Amber arrivals (fully-vaccinated)

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How do I collect the sample? Self-test, following the included instructions

Who is this suitable for? Individuals of all ages

How do I access the kit? Collect from Mayfield Oxford or via post

Are results sent over the weekend? Yes 24/7

How are results received? By email, once you've registered your kit barcode

How do I return my kits? Using the included postage paid envelopes

Frequently asked questions

Your booking reference number is the number you are required to enter on your passenger locator form before travelling. It is displayed on your PDF receipt sent at the time of booking. The reference number is MAYFI, followed by the number 0 and your 6 digit invoice number.

If you test positive for either a Day 2 or a Day 8 test, you must quarantine for a further 10 days from the day you took the test – you will receive further advice alongside your test results. Positive Day 2 tests are sent for genomic sequencing to check the strain of the virus the patient is carrying. If your test shows that you have a variant of coronavirus known as a ‘variant of concern’, you will get a further call and your close contacts will be asked to be tested.

  • The biggest challenge in getting a fast Day 8 result stems from the postal timeline from sending your sample back to the laboratory in Cambridge.
  • Tests will be analysed in ~24 hours, once they reach the lab. If your Day 8 test falls on a Saturday or Sunday, and is returned using the postal service, your sample will typically not arrive until Tuesday so you should not expect a result until Wednesday.
  • For faster Day 8 results, consider using a direct courier or alternative postal service.

Once you have quarantined for 10 days and received a negative result to both your Day 2 and Day 8 tests, you may leave the place you are quarantining. The only way to shorten this period is by taking a 'Test To Release' test on or after Day 5.

Return your Test To Release kit to us on Day 5 (where Day 0 is the day you arrive back into the UK) before 11AM, and upon receipt of a negative result you can exit travel isolation / quarantine. You are still required to submit the Day 8 test.

For information on where to return you Day 5 test, please check the following page.

Day 2 and Day 8 samples should be sent by Royal Mail using the included pre-paid postage envelopes.

Day 5 Same Day test to release samples should be returned following the included instructions, or please see the following page.

We use a number of labs, all of whom are UKAS registered or UKAS accredited to ISO 17025. If you require a UKAS accredited lab, you will need to book an appointment with one of our healthcare professionals and request this at the time of the appointment. Mayfield Clinic is accredited to ISO17025 for the provision of private COVID testing services. Some international countries require an ISO15189 accreditation. We can provide this service in Oxford; please book an ISO15189 appointment via our COVID testing page.

For post, your kit will be sent next working day (kits are dispatched Mon-Fri except public holidays) using Royal Mail's Tracked24 service. Please allow 1-2 days for delivery from this point. Alternatively, you can collect from Mayfield Clinic Oxford.

Whilst we aim to keep the Mayfield Clinic website updated, for the latest information please see the .gov website.

Please read and accept our Terms and Conditions and our COVID-19 Testing Terms & Conditions before using Mayfield Clinic's services

Why use Mayfield Clinic's testing services?

In a crowded market for COVID testing services, three reasons why you should use Mayfield Clinic

Whilst no COVID-19 PCR testing is infallible, throughout the crisis, we've strived to ensure that we consistently deliver PCR coronavirus testing to meet the expectations of our customers. This has included using 7 different laboratories, shifting capacity as required to deliver the fasted and most reliable testing possible.

For our PCR Fit To Fly travel testing, we run daily point-to-point couriers from all of our testing sites directly to the laboratories. This differs from other services that might rely on postal services for Fit To Fly testing.

All of our COVID testing services are overseen by our advisory board of GMC registered general practitioners. Onsite testing services are delivered by General Practitioners or trained Healthcare Professionals. Testing is conducted under our UKAS ISO17025 accreditation and our CQC registration (applicable to our Oxford head office).

Appointments available at

Duration Non-member Fee Member Fee
Next Day PCR Test Kit - £149 -
Same Day PCR Test Kit - £250 -
Day 2 & Day 8 PCR Package - £249 -
Day 2, Day 5 Same Day Test To Release, Day 8 PCR Package - £449 -
Healthcare Professional Led PCR Test (Next Day) 15 From £249 From £245
Healthcare Professional Led PCR Test (Same Day) 15 From £349 From £320
Healthcare Professional Led Antigen Test 15 From £149 -
Healthcare Professional Led Day 2 or Day 8 Test 15 £285 £245

Why Mayfield Clinic

Mayfield Clinic has offered a wide array of COVID-19 testing throughout the pandemic, and has developed an extensive network of clinics across the country over the past year. Through our experience in the sphere COVID testing, we have gained the experience necessary to produce reliable and efficient results for our patients. Offering a range of private COVID test from our Fit to Fly travel testing, Days 2 and 8 screening, and our certified rapid antigen service, we can accommodate all your private testing requirements. All our testing centres have live availability, allowing you to book last minute COVID tests at our walk-in clinics.

How it works

Once you have found the private COVID test you require, whether it is a travel test, a Day 2 or Day 8 screening test, or a Certified Rapid Antigen, you simply need to go online and book through our website. All of our clinics provide real-time availability, allowing you to book your test last minute. Once you have booked your private COVID-19 test at one of our private provider sites, you will be sent your invoice with the reference number for your COVID test. All our clinicians are trained and qualified to administer clinician-led testing, making it easy and simple for you to access your COVID-19 test.

What tests we offer

We offer a wide range of COVID tests throughout our extensive network of private COVID testing facilities. If you have made a last-minute booking to go abroad then be sure to make use of our Same Day PCR travel tests. If you are returning back to the UK, book one of our certified rapid antigen tests or upgrade to a video-led appointment. If you are fully vaccinated and wish to complete a mandatory Day 2 test from the comfort of your own home, order one of our easy Day 2 PCR self-test kits.

To return a self-test sample, please see our list of same day drop-points.

Please read and accept our Terms and Conditions and our COVID-19 Testing Terms & Conditions before using Mayfield Clinic's services

Please note that the same day timeline should be considered a guideline. We have a history of returning same day test results on time, however occasionally issues outside of our control (e.g., courier delays, lab processing issues, laboratory supply chain issues) may mean that your sample takes longer to return. We will provide a refund should your test result be delayed past 5PM the day after it is expected. Please plan accordingly; we recommend planning your travel testing so that you have your test results in-hand 24 hours prior to departure

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