COVID-19 Testing Terms and Conditions

COVID-19 Testing Terms and Conditions

Supplemental Terms and Conditions for COVID-19 Testing

Supplemental Terms and Conditions for COVID-19 Tests

These terms and conditions are in addition to our general Terms and Conditions. These supplementary terms and conditions should prevail in the event of variation between these and our general terms and conditions.

COVID-19 Testing

“Products and Services” - Our COVID-19 testing services including in-appointment services for PCR, Lateral Flow (rapid antigen) and Antibody testing, and our self-test kit (or home-test kit) services for PCR, Lateral Flow and Antibody testing.

Whilst we make reasonable endeavours to verify the accuracy of the information we place on the website ( and any associated sub-domains) we make no warranties, whether express or implied in relation to its accuracy. To the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, we disclaim any and all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, in relation to the products and services we provide. To obtain advice relating to the planning or delivery of your treatment or care, we recommend booking an appointment with a Mayfield Clinic GP.

Ordering and Selecting Your Test

You commit that the information you supply us with when ordering tests or booking appointments through our website or through our laboratory’s website/s is accurate and not misleading, and you will inform us of any important changes. We take no responsibility for any incorrect information on any forms, certificates or results notifications if that information has been supplied by you.

It is your responsibility to determine which test you require. Any information we provide to you is purely advisory and we take no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of such information.

For Travel Tests – You acknowledge that you have made a decision to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic and are taking a risk that your travel plans may become delayed, cancelled or disrupted if you are not able to provide COVID-19 test results in a timely manner. We advise you to take out insurance to cover such risk. We cannot be held responsible for costs incurred as a result of delayed results. We accept no responsibility or liability for any costs arising from any delay, disruption or cancellation of travel plans directly or indirectly caused by the requirement to produce a negative COVID-19 test result or travel certificate, even if that delay was caused by us, our contracted delivery services or any laboratory we may subcontract for testing.

Delivery Of Services

For Home Test Kits - We aim to send you the test kit so it arrives during the specified time slot. We are not responsible for delays in delivery if due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including delays in Royal Mail’s postal service or inadequate delivery instructions.

For Appointments - For appointments booked with a practitioner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you and the other customers you’ve booked for arrive at the specified location at the start of the booked time slot. If you are over 5 minutes delayed, your appointment cannot be delivered and any associated appointment fees are non-refundable.

For Remote Appointments – If you fail to attend your remote appointment slot, the appointment fee is non-refundable. To enable us to perform the test diagnosis we may require you to produce and send photos/videos or completed tests and identification documents. We reserve the right to reject any media not meeting the requirements and we take no responsibility for any failure to produce test results in these circumstances.


For Home Test Kits – It is your responsibility to follow the written instructions which we provide you. We take no responsibility for any test failure due to incorrect or insufficient sample. If you require a set of test instructions, please email and we will email them to you.

For Appointments – In the event that your practitioner-led test returns an invalid result, we will re-sample you free of charge


Although we work closely with labs and our procurement team to ensure that we are using the latest and most accurate tests, 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. We are not legally responsible for incorrect test results and you rely on the test results at your own risk. We cannot guarantee a specific result outcome from your test. We do not take any responsibility or offer refunds for inconclusive or void results.

If your test kit requires additional lab registration on the laboratory’s website, you should follow the included instructions to register your test kit barcode. Results are sent through to you by the lab directly via email or mobile. Please make sure that you have whitelisted the laboratories web domain so that the results are not filtered into junk or prevented from reaching you.

Refunds and Cancellations

For Home Test Kits – These can be cancelled within 1 hour of ordering. After this time we will not offer any refunds or cancellations. The items will be prepared for you personally, and can be retained for future use.

For Appointments – Please see our main Terms and Conditions and our standard cancellation policy.

We take no responsibility for failures or delays in delivery of the test kit to you or your return of test kits to the lab, if caused by any service provider we have contracted for delivery including but not limited to Royal Mail, DX Group, SameDay couriers or Gophr couriers.

PCR Result Timelines

For Same Day Test PCR Kits returned to a same day return site during opening hours (Day 0) and registered correctly online, results are typically available same day (Day 0) before midnight. If results are not received after 5PM next day, we will provide a £75 refund to the next day fee, if they are not received by 5PM in 2 days time, a full refund.

For Next Day Test PCR Kits returned to a next day site during opening hours (Day 0) and registered correctly online, results are typically available next day (Day 1) before midnight. If results are received after 5PM the following day (Day 2), we will provide a £100 refund to match the 48 hours fee, if they are not received by 5PM in 2 days time (Day 3), a full refund.

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