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Cervical Screening

Book a cervical screening appointment with one of our experienced private GPs.

Cervical Screening

From £180

Cervical screening is an essential tool in diagnosing cervical cancer in women at an early stage. Our expert GPs will take the time to ensure you are comfortable and understand the process and answer any questions you may have.

Follow-up consultations are available irrespective of your examination’s result, as are referrals to our extensive network of approved specialists if required.

Book an appointment with one of our expert GPs in Oxford or London to schedule your screening today.

Please note, the price of this appointment does not include the price of the cervical screening, which will be charged separately.

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For more information on the HPV, please see the NHS' website

For more information on the HPV, please see the NHS' website

For more information on the HPV, please see the NHS' website

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Cervical screening tests for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is passed on from any skin-to-skin contact of the genital area or sexual contact. HPV usually has no symptoms so you may not know you have it.

Nearly all cervical cancers are caused by an infection from one of the high-risk strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is detected in 99% of cervical cancers and the subtypes HPV-16 and HPV-18 account for over two thirds of cases. HPV is very easy to catch, has no symptoms and is spread by skin-to-skin contact of the genital area.

Most people will get a strain of HPV at some point in their lives and in around 90% of cases, will cause no problems and will resolve on its own. Around 10% of HPV infections will become persistent, putting women at risk of developing abnormal changes to cells that can go on to develop into cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer develops over time, and if caught early can easily be treated very effectively. It is recommended that women between the ages of 25-64 have screening every 3-5 years.

If you test positive for HPV, you should book a follow-up appointment with one of our GPs to discuss your treatment. As HPV can develop into cervical cancer, it is really important that if HPV is detected, you speak to a GP who can arrange treatment to remove the cells before they turn cancerous.

To access our GP services, you don’t need to be registered with us. You can book appointments directly from our website. We often have appointments available for the same day or next day within clinic opening hours and you can book directly with a GP.

If you are from overseas, you don’t need to be registered with the NHS or have an NHS number. Being seen at Mayfield Clinic won’t impact your eligibility to use the NHS in the future.

You can use Mayfield Clinic alongside your existing NHS GP practice. We believe in joined-up care; we don’t believe that it is in your best interests to have different doctors independently trying to treat you. For this reason, once you’ve seen a Mayfield Clinic GP we aim (with your permission) to share your consultation notes back with your current NHS GP.

For example, if you can’t get an appointment at your local GP practice this week, you can book in with Mayfield Clinic’s GPs. With your consent, we’ll share the Mayfield Clinic consultation notes back with you and your NHS GP, so that when you next see your NHS GP they will have a full picture of your care history.

Why we're different

Find out more about why you should choose Mayfield Clinic as your private GP

We understand how worrying unexplained health concerns can be and the importance of quick diagnosis and treatment which is why we are proud to be able to offer a selection of same day or next day GP appointments within clinic opening hours.

We have carefully selected team of expert GPs who are available for both in person and video GP consultations. By working with a small team of GPs, you will benefit from having a named doctor who you can consistently book your appointments with, and who knows your medical history.

We want to make access to a GP as quick and easy as possible, simply book the appointment you would like via our website.

By booking a private GP appointment at Mayfield Clinic, you will benefit from a defined 30-minute consultation with an expert GP. This allows you the time to discuss your health concern in full, receive detailed advice or information on your treatment plan and to ask any questions you may have.

By booking an appointment at Mayfield Clinic, you will have direct doctor interaction from the outset.

Unlike other GP provisions, we don’t require you to complete an online e-consult form before being able to book to see a GP. Simply visit our website to book your appointment where you will be able to discuss your health concerns directly with a doctor.

Should you need a referral following your GP appointment, our team have access to a network of trusted specialists.

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Mayfield Clinic offers both in person and online appointments, prescriptions, referral letters, sick notes and more.


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Prescriptions can be given in person or online.
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We can refer you to our network of specialists.
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Why Mayfield Clinic?

Do you need a private GP appointment in person in Oxford or London or online from anywhere in the UK? At Mayfield Clinic we provide a unique multi-disciplinary service incorporating general practice, mental health and specialist care. Based in Summertown Oxford and Chelsea London, we are doctor-led and independent, offering both in person and online GP services and we are dedicated to provide same-day GP appointments everywhere in the UK. We are fully CQC registered and aim to operate to the highest clinical standards. Our expertly-trained private doctors can provide you with a range of services including same-day consultations, blood tests, referral letters, and travel services. 

Mayfield Clinic Oxford is conveniently located on Banbury Road in the Summertown neighbourhood of North Oxford. The Oxford Parkway Park and Ride station, located on the Banbury Road about a mile north of Summertown, provides frequent bus service into the city. Alternatively, parking is available for £2 per hour in the Summertown Car Park, only a 2-minute walk from Mayfield Clinic. 

Mayfield Clinic London is located in in Lower Sloane Street, just off the King's Road. Sloane square car park is a short walk away from the clinic and the nearest tube station is Sloane Square which is on the district and circle lines. There is also a bus stop at this station. 

You can also see a Mayfield Clinic GP from the comfort of your own home with our online video appointments. You have the option to book an online appointment when booking online. 

"I would like to thank you for providing such a marvellous service. We feel so fortunate to have access to such a brilliant clinic."

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