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Once you've used your included consultations, you can continue to see our practitioners by self-funding your treatment. As a Member, you are entitled to book at our Members' rates - these are £165 for GP appointments, £110 for Physio appointments (follow-up) and £160 for Psychology appointments (follow-up).

If you are struggling to book a corporate membership appointment, or are being asked for payment, please contact your HR team. It is likely that you are not using the email that your account is registered to.

Our GP service is predominantly delivered via video. If you require face-to-face assessment, our clinicians will work with you to find a suitable solution. For physio care, we have a national network of clinics where we can see you in-person. For psychology, we normally find that delivering a service via video is suitable.

Blood tests or other investigations are not covered by your Membership, so will need to be funded either by yourself or your company (by independent agreement). We can arrange for these to be carried out in Oxford, London or potentially more locally to you.

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