Day 2 Rapid Antigen Testing

Posted: 03/11/2021

Changes to Day 2 Arrival Testing

UPDATE: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the reintroduction of PCR testing for all arrivals in the UK regardless of vaccination status. Day 2 Rapid Antigen tests are therefore no longer valid for use after arrival in the UK. Instead, please book your Day 2 PCR test if you are fully vaccinated, or your Day 2 & Day 8 PCR test kit if you are not fully vaccinated.

On the 24th of October, the UK government made the announcement that PCR testing was no longer mandatory for all UK arrivals. Until now PCR testing has been an added strain for travellers and increased anxiety during an already stressful time.

With the new changes to the COVID testing entry requirements for the UK, this burden has now been greatly reduced. Gone are the days of having to wait up to 3 days for your results to come back, now in just 15 minutes you can have your results and Mayfield Clinic can provide you with a certificate within hours.

For all vaccinated travellers entering the UK from non-red list countries, it is now no longer necessary to complete Day 2 PCR testing as this has been replaced with Rapid Antigen (Lateral Flow) day 2 testing. This is to be completed on or before day 2 or arrival, with the test taking as little as 30 minutes to complete.

At Mayfield Clinic, we are happy to announce that we have exceeded all the minimum requirements for Day 2 testing and have been placed on the Government List* of Day 2 Rapid Antigen Providers.

For more information on Mayfield Clinic's day to rapid antigen testing, please see our dedicated Day 2 and Day 8 Testing page.

*We have been advised we will appear on this list shortly

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