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access to 6 x 15 minute minor illness GP consultations throughout the year

Corporate Members' GP Appointments

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6 x 15 minute video call consultations p.a. are included in your corporate membership, where our private GPs are available to provide medical advice relating to any minor illness. Your corporate membership also includes members' rates on all our other services.

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Corporate Members' Minor Illness Consultations

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6 x 15 minute minor illness consultations p.a included with your corporate membership

  • GMC-Registered Doctors
  • For Visiting Patients, Appointments via Video
  • Referrals, Medical Advice and Prescriptions

Members' GP Consultations

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Exhausted all consultations included in your corporate membership? Book a standard GP consultation at a discounted members' price now.

  • GMC-registered doctors
  • Appointments in-clinic or via video
  • referrals, medical advice and prescriptions

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What we treat?

Our GPs can assist in diagnosing and treating ear nose and throat ailments, including common colds, coughs, nasal congestion, sinusitis and other viral infections.

Speak to your Mayfield GP about skin conditions including acne, cold sores, eczema or fungal skin infection. We can arrange for referral to specialist dermatologists for minor surgery or additional assessment.

Our GPs maintain a network of specialist consultants in Oxford, London and across the UK. Mayfield Doctors can find a private specialist to help you diagnose and treat your condition.

Our GPs are available to test for specific allergies and advise on appropriate treatment. Allergies our GPs can treat include Asthma and Hay Fever.

Mayfield's GPs are available to assist in caring for your sexual health. This can include testing and managing STIs (e.g., HIV, Gonorrhoea, Syphillis) or contraception and family planning.

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Frequently asked questions

Once you've used your included consultations, you can continue to see our practitioners by self-funding your treatment. As a Member, you are entitled to book at our Members' rates - these are £165 for GP appointments, £110 for Physio appointments (follow-up) and £160 for Psychology appointments (follow-up).

Mayfield Clinic is not an emergency service and so we do not treat emergencies. If you think you have a medical emergency, please call 111/999 or go to your nearest A&E department.

Blood tests or other investigations are not covered by your Membership, so will need to be funded either by yourself or your company (by independent agreement). We can arrange for these to be carried out in Oxford, London or potentially more locally to you.

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