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Simple and low cost health plans to give your team quick, direct access to experienced health professionals




Access to expert GPs




Access to expert GPs and Physios




Access to expert GPs, Physios and Psychologists

Healthier people, healthier business

Give your employees access to world-class care.

Your team can easily book appointments online and see our expert GPs and specialists at at time and place that suits them.

Receive specialist and dedicated care. Your team have the option to see the same doctor they're comfortable with every time they book.

Have direct access to one of Oxford's top private health clinics. Our GPs and specialists are GMC-registered with a breadth of experience in their field. Find out more about our specialists here.

What you can include in your cover

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Appointments in minutes

No need to wait to see a named doctor. You can book your appointment online and see a clinician within minutes.

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Quick and easy to join

You can set up your account in minutes. You don't need to fill out lengthy and complicated medical questionnaires.

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Fixed competitive price

You don't need to worry about paying different premiums for each employee. Our pricing is fixed and not dependent on your employees' age or medical history.

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No lengthy claims

Accessing private healthcare has never been easier. Your employees don't need to make a claim or pay out of their pocket to use our services.

"Membership has made it easy for people who are feeling a bit ill to secure an appointment very quickly. This has helped keep them safe, healthy and ready to attack their day."

-James E McClung, PhD | University of Georgia

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