COVID-19 Private PCR Swab Test

Posted: 14/09/2020

Use a virus PCR swab test to confirm if you currently have a COVID-19 infection

What will this test tell me?

This test will check for current COVID-19 infection and tell you if you are currently infected. It is appropriate for individuals within 14 days of the onset of symptoms, or within 14 days of exposure to the COVID-19 disease.

How does it work?

Virus PCR tests are done by taking a swab from the nose and throat and sending it to the lab for analysis. We provide a home test kit, and you return your sample to the laboratory in the post. For a faster turnaround you can collect the test kit from our offices in Summertown, otherwise they are typically posted same-day.

How long do results take?

From the time your sample reaches the lab, it takes 48-72 hours to process your test. We send your results to a UK mobile, with a URL link to access the laboratory report. You can save, download and print the report using this link.

The time it takes for you to get your result depends on how long it takes for your sample to reach the lab. You can post the sample directly to the lab (using the postage paid envelope included), or drop at the clinic in Oxford where we courier samples to the lab each day at midday and 6PM.

How do I order a home-test kit?

Please order a test via our website by clicking this link. The test costs £175.

Order PCR swab kit

What if I'm flying and require a Doctor's certificate?

The home-test kit will provide you with a test result, but does not include a Doctor's certificate. For this, please book a Fit to fly medical service via the Book now button.

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