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Living with Covid Announcement: How Can Mayfield Clinic Help You?

Posted: 23/02/2022

Following the UK Government’s Living with Covid announcement this Monday, Mayfield Clinic will be continuing to offer our reliable and fast Covid testing options. Our mission is to deliver safe, caring, personal and convenient healthcare services, whether it be for general practice, mental health or for Covid testing.

Mayfield Clinic has provided Covid testing since the initial SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus tests were made available privately in May 2020. Leveraging our pre-existing laboratory relationships, we were able to offer some of the first PCR and antibody testing available in the UK, and have subsequently extended our services to include PCR testing for travel, Day 2 & 8, antibody testing (both to identify past infection, but also effective vaccination) and Rapid Antigen testing.

We will continue to offer Covid Testing Services and have a range of tests available for you, whether that’s travel testing, corporate testing or just for your own peace of mind.

Can I still access Mayfield Clinic’s Proof of Recovery Service?

Many countries accept a Covid-19 Certificate of Recovery as a method of meeting entry requirements. Our Proof of Recovery Certificate confirms that you have tested positive for Covid and have completed your isolation period. To access our Proof of Recovery service, you need a certified positive PCR or positive LFT (Rapid Antigen) test showing your name, date of birth, and date of test.

With free covid testing coming to an end you may not wish to take a private test, meaning you won’t know for certain if you’ve had Covid. However, you should think seriously about taking a test if you’re planning on travelling in the next 6 months.

By taking a certified PCR or Rapid Antigen test when you experience symptoms you will be able to access our Proof of Recovery Service, which will grant you a certificate for travel valid for 6 months after your test*.

This is because many people can test positive for Covid for weeks or even months after initial infection, so instead of risking a positive PCR before travelling, test quickly and often so you can still guarantee your travel.

You don’t want to end up in this situation:

You think you may have had Covid but did not test because you were not able to access a Covid test. A month later, you are travelling to Australia. Currently Australia requires a negative Covid-19 PCR test taken within 3 days of scheduled departure. You take a PCR test 2 days before and it comes back positive. You now must reschedule you flight and change your travel plans.

Covid announcement changes

If you’ve had a positive PCR or Rapid Antigen result recently, you can access our Proof of Recovery service now to save future costs in buying tests. On our website, we recommend using our Proof of Recovery tool halfway down the page, where you can check your eligibility to use the service.

Why use Mayfield Clinic for Covid testing?

We strive to ensure that we consistently deliver Covid testing service to meet the expectations of our customers. This has included using 7 different laboratories, and shifting capacity as required to deliver the fasted and most reliable testing possible.

For our PCR testing, we run daily point-to-point couriers from all our testing sites directly to the laboratories. This differs from other services that might rely on postal services testing, and ensures we deliver results in a timely and consistent fashion.

All our Covid tests are available as self-test kits, as well as in-clinic testing across multiple locations in England. Details on each service we offer and how to order can be accessed through our website.

*We recommend reviewing the Government website for your destination to understand their specific requirements.

This information is in line with current guidance in February 2022 and may be subject to change.

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