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Highly Sensitive Antibody Testing

Posted: 19/11/2020

We are now providing the VirTus SARS-CoV-2 IgM & IgG serology assay, one of the world’s first quantitative Covid-19 antibody tests.

The test has been developed by Imperial College London scientists Professor Sebastian Johnston and Dr Michael Edwards, who between them have ~50 years of experience researching respiratory viruses.

The Mayfield Clinic clinical team consider this to be a particularly interesting test based on:

  • Increased sensitivity - ~20% more sensitive than the Abbott/Roche assays
  • Quantitative results - Provides a numeric value for antibodies, allowing you to track the strength of your response over time
  • Granular detail - Provides independent results for IgG and IgM - 17% of samples in the trial were IgM positive only

The test can be accessed as a home-test kit facilitating a finger prick (capillary) blood sample, or via an in-clinic appointment for the VirTus antibody appointment.

To book, please visit our antibody services page.

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