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COVID-19 Return To Work Medical

Posted: 01/07/2020

Return to your workplace safe in the knowledge of any past or current infection with our 'Return to work medical'

Understand if you have had Coronavirus

The medical service includes a GP-led, venous drawn antibody test. This will identify the presence of antibodies and hence an indication of past infection with COVID-19. The laboratory turnaround time is 72 hours, but we are not able to guarantee a result within a certain timeframe. We are not liable for any other associated costs should your results be delayed.

Check that you are not currently infected

We will provide you with a COVID-19 PCR swab to check for current, live infection with the COVID-19 virus. This test can be done same-day, or can be submitted anytime in the following month.

Get your questions answered

While having your blood drawn, there is an opportunity to ask the Doctor any questions you related to the COVID-19 virus, including how to best protect you, your workplace and your family

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