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COVID-19 Fit To Fly - Seychelles

Posted: 29/10/2020

Travellers to the Seychelles are being asked to produce a negative PCR test certificate in order to enter the country.

The swab test for the Seychelles is challenging, as a result must be provided within 48 hours. In order to meet this deadline, you must use our GP-led PCR Test with the expedited service. This service costs £285 plus a £75 expedited testing fee, payable on the day.

GP-led Testing (PCR Swab) - Expedited Service

Our Doctors will oversee the PCR swab process. You are provided with two certificates (1) A GP-letter confirming: Your identity (including passport number if required), Time and date of sample and Certification of correct collection of the sample and (2) a laboratory certificate confirming: Date of sample (self-certified), Date of lab results, Test type and Laboratory accreditation.

  • Price: £285 + £75 for expedited service, payable on the day
  • Sample collection: Overseen by a GP
  • Results timeline: For the expedited service, we are typically able to deliver results next business day before 6PM.
  • Requirements: Please bring photo ID to your appointment, preferably passport
  • How to access: Please book an appointment here for a specific time

Unfortunately we are unable to make any guarantees about the turnaround time, accept responsibility for delays or accelerate the testing timeline. We advise that you leave as long as possible between your appointment and date of travel and to avoid travelling at the weekend as we are not open on Saturday and Sunday.

Please note, 1-3% of all PCR samples require a re-test due to the nature of the PCR testing technique.

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