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COVID-19 Antibody Testing - Fingerprick Sample Update

Posted: 31/05/2020

All laboratories, including our laboratory TDL (The Doctors' Laboratory), who are running COVID-19 Antibody testing have been asked to pause from providing a self-collection COVID-19 Antibody laboratory analysis service. This is because a national review is being carried out by the MHRA around the positioning of self-collected blood samples (i.e., capillary / fingerprick) for COVID-19 Antibody testing. This review does not, therefore, impact in any way on the taking or reporting of venous (venipuncture) samples or COVID-19 PCR (Swab) testing.

During this pause, TDL will not provide us with any more home-test kits for capillary samples. However, any self-collected samples for COVID Antibody tests that have been received, or have been collected by the patient and sent to the laboratory, will be reported in the normal way - and the result that is issued will include an additional comment confirming that the result is laboratory verified.

The government wants to ensure every laboratory is meeting the same high standards for blood samples taken by finger-prick tests. We are confident that the TDL test we have been using already exceeds the high standards that will be enforced. We have a limited number of test kits still available, but understand that we will not receive further delivery from the laboratory until the review has been completed.

I have already received my results from my capillary sample

If you have already received your results, this information has no bearing on the accuracy of your results.

I have ordered a home-test kit. Can I switch to the venous / venipuncture sample method?

Yes. An appointment can be booked via the book now button. Please bring the home-test kit back to the Clinic at your appointment and we will issue the refund.

How reliable is the test?

Our partner laboratory which is based in the UK and meets international standards, has validated the Abbott antibody tests for at-home, lab-analysed, finger-prick samples - however the government is conducting an investigation to make sure all labs across the UK meet the same standard for finger-prick samples.

Further information about the accuracy of our test, and our test selection is available here.

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